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In the aftermath of allegations of photoshop, Aubrey O’Day claims to manage her Instagram “like a museum of art?”

However, Aubrey O’Day has a few more to add. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. On Sunday, the Danity Kane singer responded to claims that several of her photographs were altered and manufactured on Instagram.

O’Day joked in her post that she had posted two photoshopped versions of herself holding Jesus at the entrance to heaven: “I recently took a (private aircraft) to Heaven and wanted to share the beauty with you all.

I also ran into Jesus, and we exchanged hugs.” She said, “Not that I need to explain myself, but I’ve been in this field for almost 20 years and have been traveling the world since I was seven,” elsewhere in the post.

O’Day has a number of pictures on her Instagram page showing her at beautiful places including Bali, Indonesia, Santorini, Greece, and Bora Bora, French Polynesia. However, a few fans have checked the veracity of O’Day’s images on social media.

One Instagram user asked, “Girl, were you actually there or not?” Another user called Photoshop the queen. O’Day responded to claims of photoshop by saying: “That’s what the (expletive) will happen if I want my Instagram to be organized like an art museum.

I’m a REAL creator—I’m an artist. I do all of my own creative work, including my music and movies. This includes my hair, makeup, nails, styling, backdrops, editing, and shooting.”

The TikTok user @residualdata, who recently posted a video review of O’Day’s recent social media photographs and questioned their veracity, was also apparently called out by O’Day in her caption. “(Jesus) told me to allow the little bird on TikTok with SO much to say about my life. That she needed to stop,” the singer wrote.

You can make positive changes just by using your own gifts; stop looking left and right if you want to move forward, said O’Day. “You don’t even need to concentrate on others to be your own version of special and necessary in this world.

The TikTok user, whose real name is Sophie, claimed that O’Day “either just steals content from other content providers” or Photoshops herself into advertising photos in a prior statement. The user said, “Why are we doing this in a time where social comparison is so prevalent and has tangible effects?”

O’Day didn’t specifically say that she had altered her images, but she did say that “many of the shots I provide y’all are in places you have to spend hours scaling mountains to get to.” I don’t need to be flown someplace because I vacation alone and the weather isn’t always ideal when I shoot, according to O’Day.

Respect my style; I work hard to provide beautiful content that reflects the vibrancy of the locations I visit in order to get you all to vibrate high with me. O’Day gained notoriety in the 2000s when she participated in the dance-pop band Danity Kane’s MTV reality television debut, “Making the Band 3.”

In addition, she released a solo EP called “Between Two Evils” in August 2013 and has made appearances on “The Apprentice,” “Celebrity Big Brother,” and “Ex on the Beach.

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