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India ordered 115 biryanis per minute this year! Swiggy’s 2021 report is shocking!

We Indians and our love for biryani is something that is surely not measurable! Our savory dishes and all the spicy masala and different ingredients that make amazing food items like biryani and pulao are something that has been making people crazy around the globe. One of the most hot topics of debate between a vegetarian and non-vegetarian foodie is whether a plate of Chicken Biryani is better than Vegetable Biryani. 

The number of biryani lovers is higher and especially there are many foodies who truly love both a non-veg and veg biryani plate. The love for biryani is never-ending and there is no denying the fact that we Indians love different versions of biryani. Well, a news article by Swiggy is going crazy viral on the Internet and all the biryani lovers are totally amazed to know about it. The Swiggy’s sixth annual StatIstics report stands testimony to every Indian’s love for the dish of biryani. The annual data stated that India ordered 115 biryanis per minute, in this year of 2021. Well, it is around 2 (1.91) biryanis every single second of this year. Also, to make a note of the very famous dish of Chicken Biryani reigned the charts. Well, the dish was ordered 4.3 times more than the beloved vegetarian biryani.

source = thehindu

The Chicken Biryani dish topped the charts in cities of Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow as well as in Hyderabad. More than 25 lakh new users made their first order on the platform of Swiggy by just ordering a chicken biryani. Well, who can deny the mouth-watering biryani? It is the love for this dish that can make anyone crazy. A person in Kolkata made a Swiggy Genie delivery partner travel 39.3 km from his home just to bring her favorite Mutton Biryani in order to fulfill her cravings. 

Well, talking about the most ordered and loved snack of the year, it was the one and only samosa. The snack came with about 5 million orders on Swiggy. Well, that’s one samosa for every New Zealander and as per the reports by Swiggy’s 2021, samosa was ordered around 6 times more than chicken wings in this year. The second most favorite snack of India this year was mouth-watering Pav Bhaji.  It came with 2.1 million orders on Swiggy. 

Nevertheless, the order history of the night bingers was about different, and just after 10 pm, all the goodies who have cravings at night mostly went to order Cheese-garlic bread, popcorn, and French fries, more than any other snacks in comparison. As soon as the data by swiggy was officially out not only all the Biryani lovers were amazed but also to know about the different snacks that were highly ordered in such a huge amount in 2021, it was something that was amusing for many social media users.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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