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Is BSNL a better value for money option than JIO?

Currently, the telecom company of Jio is the largest telecom company in the country whereas, talking about BSNL, it is the only government-run telco in India right now. Both the companies have different attractive prepaid recharge plans for their respective customer bases and many have been comparing them to find the best offers. For the past few months people have been looking out for the best recharge plans with the best prices and thus the comparison between BSNL and Jio that is the two of the most popular recharge plans by Jio and BSNL has become a hot topic. 

Talking about the BSNL Rs 247 plan and Jio Rs 249 plan, the BSNL Rs 247 recharge plan offers 50GB of high-speed data. It does not have any daily limit set and thus the users can consume the entire 50GB of data whenever they want. The Internet speed is reduced to 80Kbps and the plan comes with a validity of 30 days. Some additional benefits that are included in the plan is that users can go for unlimited voice calls across all networks in the country and also Eros Now subscription is available to all the users free of cost. The plan of BSNL Rs 247 had 100 SMS per day offer included too. 

The Jio Rs 249 plan will cost the user Rs 249 and comes with 2GB of high-speed internet data for every single day. It will also have a validity of 23 days and also Jio offers unlimited voice calling to its users. One more benefit of this plan includes that users will get 100 free SMS per day. Also, the beneficial thing is that if you subscribe to this plan you will get free access to Jio Apps (JioTV, JioCinema, and more). 

Talking about which one is a better option, the BSNL Rs 247 recharge plan has absolutely no daily limit and you will have a 50GB of data at your disposal to be consumed anytime. 

At the same time, the Jio Rs 249 recharge plan provides high-speed data at 2GB per day and once it is exhausted, you will have to wait for the next day to again enjoy the data. The BSNL Rs 247 recharge plan offers 50GB of data and Jio Rs 249 recharge plan offers just 46GB of data. The cost of the BSNL plan is cheaper as compared to that of Jio and also BSNL plan will go up to 30 days but Jio is valid only for 23 days. You can enjoy the amazing 4G speed with Jio Rs 249 recharge plan, while BSNL will only offer 3G and 2G speed. Also, all the free Jio services will be coming along with subscribing for the Jio plan, and there’s limited access to such services when it comes to the BSNL recharge plan.

 If you are someone who is going with 3G Internet speed, the BSNL Rs 247 recharge plan will be perfect for you and it also is better than the Jio recharge plan in such a case on almost all fronts. Well, if you can’t settle for less speed and need high-speed data then Jio is the one that you should be opting for. To make a note of Jio’s 4G speed is also something that is not really available everywhere in the country. Many customers have been complaining about it recently.

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