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Karuna Nundy: Read about the Most Influencial Women Of India

Karuna Nundy is an Indian lawyer who practices constitutional law, commercial litigation and arbitration, media law, and legal policy in the Supreme Court of India.

The legal profession is frequently seen as a closed-off world of stiff shirts and dry debates. Karuna Nundy, on the other hand, is not only a lawyer but also a public activist who, both within and outside the courts, utilizes her voice to effect change. Karuna Nundy is a strong advocate for women’s rights who has battled for anti­rape legislation reform and workplace sexual harassment cases. Karuna Nundy is now pursuing a judicial challenge to India’s rape statute, which includes a legal exception for marital rape.

Karuna also goes to great lengths to clarify legal matters in a way that is accessible to the media and the general public. Karuna Nundy is able to speak about the law in a clear and concise manner. In doing so, Karuna Nundy develops a conversation about rights that is accessible in a time when those rights are under threat.

Full NameKaruna Nundy
Birth Date28 April 1976
Birth PlaceBhopal
Nick NameNA
EducationBA Hons (ECO) From St Stepehen’s College DU,BA, MA (LAW) Cambridge University England,LLM at Columbia University, New York
Father’s NameNot disclosed
Mother’s NameMita Nundy
SiblingsNot disclosed
Age46 Years
Height5 feet 6 inches
ProfessionJurist,Lawyer at Supreme court of india
Marital Statusundisclosed
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)undisclosed
Net Worth$1 Million to $5 Million approx

Karuna Nundy: Birth And Education-

Karuna Nundy was born in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, on January 4, 1976 (age 45 as of 2021). Capricorn is her zodiac sign. From 1993 to 1997, Karuna studied BA(Hons.) in Economics at Stephen College, Delhi University, India, and from 1997 to 2000, Karuna Nundy studied BA, MA (Law) at Cambridge University, England. Karuna Nundy also completed an LL.M. at Columbia University in New York between 2000 and 2001.

Karuna Nundy: Family

Karuna Nundy’s father was a Harvard Medical School faculty member (Medical school in Boston, Massachusetts). He worked at AIIMS for a while before leaving to work in a public hospital in India. Mita Nundy, her mother, is a history prize winner from the London School of Economics. After learning that Karuna’s cousin was born with cerebral palsy, Mita Nundy founded the ‘Spastics Society of Northern India’ (a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture).

Karuna Nundy: Career

Karuna Nundy worked as a TV journalist for a brief period after graduating from Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College. Karuna Nundy claimed in an interview that karuna nundy returned to India soon after finishing her education in the United States because Karuna nundy wanted to utilize her legal skills to help improve the position of Indian women.

Karuna Nundy: Bhopal Gas Victims’ Liberator (1984)

Karuna Nundy passionately advocated for the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy’s welfare and justice. The Bhopal Gas Disaster occurred in 1984. Karuna Nundy was involved in examining the tragedy’s principal business law policies. Karuna took on the local government and business executives in Bhopal by demanding that the residents in the impacted regions have access to clean drinking water. In these communities, she requested chemical-free drinking water. She pleaded with the local court to improve medical and healthcare services for the needy residents of Bhopal.

Karuna Nundy’s Contribution to the Anti-Rape Bill in India (2013)

In 2013, Karuna Nundy worked tirelessly to draught anti-rape and sexual harassment legislation for Indian women. It was a watershed moment in her legal career. She was involved in the Nirbhaya Rape Case, a horrifying occurrence that enraged Indians and people all over the world. Karuna was assigned to evaluate India’s anti-rape legislation, which were previously enacted by the Indian government, and she was involved in the writing of the Verma Committee Report.

The anti-rape law did not initially get the attention of the Indian public, but in 2013, it was a win for the committee’s work, which prepared the way for the passage of the Criminal Law (Amendment)2 Act, 2013– “the anti-rape bill.” Nundy sought to repeal section 66A of the Information Technology, 2000 Act on behalf of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), an NGO that promotes civil liberties and human rights in India (that dealt with issues of freedom of speech and censorship). The case was known as Shreya Singhal v. Union of India.

Karuna Nundy, Fight for the Differently- abled

Karuna Nundy represented Jeeja Ghosh in the SpiceJet Airlines lawsuit in 2016. Ms. Ghosh, who has cerebral palsy, flew from Kolkata to Goa. The airline crew ordered Ghosh to exit the plane since she couldn’t see clearly due to the condition. They stated that if her illness worsened later, the airlines would not be liable. SpiceJet was sued at the Supreme Court by Ms Ghosh. SpiceJet’s crew, she claimed, had a poor attitude toward physically handicapped guests. 

Awards, honours, and accomplishments

2000: Karuna Nundy was awarded the Emmeline Pankhurst Prize, the Amy Cohen Awards, and the Becker Studentship at Cambridge University.

Karuna Nundy was given a full-time fellowship at Columbia University in 2001.

2017: Karuna Nundy was dubbed “renowned in the corporate world for her skill in commercial law” by the Economic Times jury.

2017: Karuna Nundy was honored with the Femina award for her contributions to her area.

Karuna was selected to Forbes Magazine’s “Self Made Women” list in 2020.

Faq’s on Karuna Nundy

What are Karuna Nundy’s Contributions all Around the World? 

Karuna described her worldwide contributions as a lawyer in commercial arbitrations and bilateral investment treaty work in a 2013 interview. She claimed to have created portions of Nepal’s interim constitution, had workshops with Pakistan’s senate and collaborated with the Bhutanese government.

What is Karuna Nundy’s Appeal to Women?

Nundy arranged a session on legal rights for 100 colleges with ITC Vivel in March 2019 and shared a message on her social media account. This workshop’s primary goal was to urge Indian women to work.


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