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Ne-Yo Net Worth 2022: Earnings and Other Information

Shaffer Chimere Smith, better known by his stage name Ne-Yo, was born on October 18, 1979, and is an American singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, and record producer. When he wrote Mario’s 2004 hit song “Let Me Love You,” he became famous for his songwriting skills. After the single’s successful release, Jay-Z and Ne-Yo met to discuss a long-term recording deal, which led to the recording contract.

Facts about Ne-Yo :

Full NameShaffer Chimere Smith
BirthDateOctober 18, 1979,
Birth PlaceCamden, Arkansas, United States
Nick NameNe -Yo
Father’s NameShaffer Smith
Mother’s NameLorraine Smith
Height172.1 cm
Weight74 kg
BuildNot found
Marital Statusmarried 
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Crystal Renay
Net Worth$9 million

Ne-Yo’s net worth:

Ne-Yo is a $9 million-dollar American pop and R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. His ability to write songs helped him get started in the music business. Then, Ne-Yo went on to carve out a successful solo career for himself. Ne-Yo has ventured into acting and reality T.V. outside of his music career.

Ne-Yo Early Life

Smith concentrated on writing songs after graduating. Because he “sees composition like Neo sees the matrix,” he quickly rose to fame in the music industry and took on the moniker “Ne-Yo.” Ne-Yo was initially signed by Columbia but was shortly released. Ne-Yo had all the tracks he needed to be recorded and ready to go for his debut album by 2003. Marques Houston, a singer, heard the lead hit “That Girl” and assisted Ne-Yo in re-recording the song. This was his big break. Then, “That Girl” appeared on Houston’s self-titled debut album. Ne-Yo was acknowledged as one of the top songwriters in the business once it was revealed that he had written the song.

Ne-Yo’s Career

All of a sudden, many different musicians wanted to collaborate with Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo collaborated with well-known musicians in the following few years, including Teedra Moses, Christina Milan, Youngstown, B2K, Faith Evans, and many more. When Ne-Yo composed “Let Me Love You” for Mario in 2004, it was his most significant songwriting assignment. Ne-Yo established himself as one of the music industry’s most in-demand songwriters when the song went number one. After hearing the song and seeing Ne-Yo perform, Jay-Z decided to give him a new contract because of its success.

Ne-debut Yo’s album, In My Own Words, was released in 2006. The album, distributed by Def Jam Records, included songs including “So Sick” and “When You’re Mad.” Later, the album received a platinum certification. He built on this early success by releasing a follow-up record a year later. Even better, Because of You outperformed itself and topped the Billboard Top 200 chart. The album’s lead single, “Because of You,” did exceptionally well, but the other songs weren’t all that popular. The album eventually became platinum despite this, though.

Other works:

Year of the Gentleman, Ne-third Yo’s album, was released in 2008. Thanks to singles like “Closer” and “Miss Independent,” this album earned favorable reviews. It once again achieved platinum status. 2009 saw the release of a greatest hits album by Ne-Yo after he had already established himself as a successful solo artist. The following few years were devoted to him touring and working with musicians like Mariah Carey. He released Libra Scale, his subsequent album, in 2010. Despite the album receiving excellent reviews, it did not do well financially.

Before landing a significant role in Battle: Los Angeles in 2011 and the second role in George Lucas’ Red Tails in 2012, he spent 2011 touring the U.K. Ne-Yo continued to write songs for well-known performers at this period, including Jennifer Hudson and Alexis Jordan. Before switching from Def Jam to Motown, he also worked with musicians like Lil Wayne and Pitbull.

R.E.D. was his first album for Motown. The album again earned favorable reviews from critics and had a respectable financial performance. Ne-Yo began working with artists, including David Guetta and Akon, in 2013. Ne-Yo received assistance from Juicy J for the song “She Knows,” which was eventually included on his 2015 album Non-Fiction. The album gained popularity and reached its highest position on the Billboard Top 200 at five. The seventh album of Ne-Yo was set to be released in 2017, and that same year, “Another Love Song” made its debut. He also made a small cameo appearance in the 2017 film Girls Trip.

Ne-Yo’s Family Background

Shaffer Chimere Smith, known as Ne-Yo, was born on October 18, 1979. Smith, raised in Camden by two parents who worked in the music business, had a strong interest in it very young. Smith was raised by his mother for most of his life after his father abandoned the family. He moved to Las Vegas early because his mother was looking for better employment prospects.

Ne-Yo’s relationship status

A boy was born to Ne-girlfriend Yo’s Jessica White in 2005, but it was later discovered that another man was the child’s father. He welcomed their first child in 2010 with his partner Monyetta Shaw. Before starting a relationship with Crystal Renay Williams, he had another kid with Shaw. The pair wed in 2016 and welcomed two children before officially separating in 2020. Ne-Yo started eating vegan in 2017, and he later acknowledged that this helped him drop a lot of weight and get his tendinitis under control.

Ne-Yo’s Background in Education

Smith chose the stage moniker GoGo when he enrolled at the Las Vegas Academy for the Arts. Smith had to perform in an audition to be admitted to an arts-focused high school. He joined the R&B group Envy while attending this high school. The band made multiple T.V. appearances and had considerable success. The Envy split up in 2000 following one exceptional MTV appearance.


What is Ne-Yo’s net worth?

His net worth is $9 million

Has Neo remained wed?

In 2022, Ne-Yo and his kids attended a Resorts World Las Vegas wedding. The significant event also follows a little break. Ne-Yo first made his decision to divorce Crystal public in February 2020.

What does Ne-Yo stand for?

Later, Big D Evans, a producer who had previously collaborated with the vocalist, gave him the stage name Ne-Yo because, according to Evans, Ne-Yo perceives music similarly to how the character Neo perceives the Matrix.

Ne-ancestry Yo’s is?

Black parents gave birth to Shaffer Chimere Smith in Camden, Arkansas. His parents were both musicians.

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