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Nitin Passi’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Bio, Birthday, and Wiki!

Nitin Passi is the creator and owner of Missguided, a fast fashion shop. Passi was born in Cheshire but lived in Surrey, Hong Kong, and New York during her childhood. Passi’s grandpa immigrated to the United Kingdom from India to start a knitwear firm.

Missguided was his first firm after graduating from university in 2005, at the height of the 2008 recession. Nitin’s father had a clothing importing company for high-street retailers, so the young graduate was familiar with the industry. Inspired by businesses like Asos, he borrowed 50,000 pounds from his father in 2008 and launched the company the following year. He was able to repay the loan in just six months.

Nitin discovered that he needed to change his brand to fit the market. “Two years ago, we were all about rainbows, unicorns, fluffy pinks, ‘LOLs,’ and ‘TTYLs,'” he explained. “That is no longer the case. “With that style, we target ages 16 to 29, and everyone over 22 is completely alienated.”

Facts about Nitin Passi:

Full NameNitin Passi
Birth DateNovember 1982 
Birth PlaceCheshire, United Kingdom
Nick NameNitin
ReligionNot found
Father’s NameNot found 
Mother’s NameNot found 
SiblingsNot found 
HeightNot found 
WeightNot found 
BuildNot found 
Marital Statusunmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Not found 
Net Worth$250 million
FacebookNot found
TwitterNot found

Nitin Passi’s Net Worth:

Nitin Passi is one of the wealthiest businessmen and one of the most well-known. According to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Nitin Passi’s net worth is estimated to be £250 million.

Nitin Passi Early Life

Missguided’s founder, Nitin Passi, had little business expertise at the start. In 2005, he received his bachelor’s degree from the university. His father was an importer with a business that spanned the United Kingdom and the United States. His father created designs that he marketed to department stores and high-street firms. Nitin was living in New York and took advantage of the opportunity to gain experience in the fashion industry. He also studied garment design, touring with designers, manufacturing, and retailing. Passi was examining something utterly unrelated to Missguided, yet he cherished the lessons.

He worked for a year at his father’s company before striking out on his own when he returned to London. Nitin had no specific responsibilities while working for his father. He, on the other hand, valued the experience. Missguided was his first business venture, and he began as a naive owner of the brand.

Missguided was founded in 2008 by Nitin Passi, who inherited a lown from his father. In an interview, Passi highlighted that he was the only employee in the company during the first six points. After that, he hired some individuals to help him with the work. For Passi, the company’s early days were mostly a learning experience. Since the company wasn’t designing anything at the time, he looked into wholesale. He also did some offline advertising, and the business began to grow modestly. In November 2009, he earned his first 100,000 pounds.

Nitin Passi’s Career

Nitin Passi had no intention of starting a company that would make a difference. Missguided, on the other hand, continues to do precisely that. He saw that he was up against a lot of competition in the fast fashion industry, so he devised techniques to stand out. Instead of releasing a collection every week like their competitors, Missguided’s owner, Nitin Passi, ensures that the business removes one every day. He stated that the brand’s plan seemed to be working, as 30% of customers visit the site every day.

Missguided, according to Nitin Passi, is more than just fast-fashion; it is rapid fashion. He established the company so that it was dynamic and agile. He recognizes that things are continuously changing based on his research into their customer base. As a result, what’s trendy now isn’t necessarily hot next week, and staying on top of new trends every week is essential. A vertical supply chain examines new apparel products to guarantee that they remain in style. This supply chain monitors product reactions and ensures that they sell successfully.

Missguided’s owner, Nitin Passi, notes that the brand’s whole focus is on speed, and his primary focus is on responding to clients’ requirements. The majority of the company’s production takes place here.

However, production is also carried out in the Far East. He mentioned that the corporation could turn something around in three days, and that is how the company came to be known as a fast-fashion label. Data and a quick response to how people react to pieces are essential to Nitin Passi. He explained that the organization takes inspiration from celebrities and tries to produce clothing close to their appearances within a few weeks.

Nitin Passi Family Background

In the 1960s, his grandpa immigrated to the United Kingdom from India and established a knitwear factory. With a £50,000 loan from his father, Passi launched Missguided in 2008 from a factory in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, using £3,000 to set up the website and £5,000 to buy goods. He paid back the debt in six months.

Nitin Passi’s relationship status

He is single, but not much information about his relationships is found.

Nitin Passi’s Background in Education

Passi attended Cranleigh School and Newcastle University, where he pursued a degree in business administration. He worked for his father’s apparel wholesaler after graduation.


Who is the owner of Missguided?

Nitin Passi is the creator and owner of Missguided, a fashion retailer.

What was the beginning of Missguided?

Nitin Passi began his career working for a wholesale company in New York and London before opting to do it alone, which is how Missguided came to be. In March 2009, Nitin identified a need for young women’s fashion and started the website.

Is Nitin Passi of Indian descent?

Nitin Passi is the creator and owner of Missguided, a fast fashion shop. Passi was born in Cheshire but lived in Surrey, Hong Kong, and New York during her childhood. Passi’s grandpa immigrated to the United Kingdom from India to start a knitwear firm.

Is Missguided about to close its doors?

Claire Hannah of ITV News has the story. Missguided, a fast-fashion retailer founded in Manchester, has gone into administration after failing to find a last-minute buyer. After receiving a winding-up petition from suppliers owing millions of pounds, the company hired Teneo as administrator.

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