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Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex give fans some tips about self-care, Know what he said?

Prince Harry is giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at how he looks after himself. The 37-year-old king joined BetterUp, a professional and personal development organization for which he serves as chief impact officer, for Inner Work Day.

Harry and numerous other celebrities, including Serena Williams and Pau Gasol, discussed how they stay balanced and mentally fit to face life. During his appearance, Harry revealed that self-care is important to him in order to avoid “burnout.”

Burnout, he continued, encourages people to “search inside themselves” in order to find strategies to push back and succeed. While teams can lean on one another for support, he says that preventing burnout through self-care “starts at home, and it starts now.”

“Now I put in about half an hour, 45 minutes in the morning when one of the kids have gone to school and the other is napping, right?” he stated “There’s a pause in our schedule.” “It’s either for a workout, a walk with the dog, getting out in nature, or maybe meditation,” the prince said, adding that he “need to meditate every single day.”


“I’d like to think that everyone could do it,” he added. “However, if your time starts to slip away, and you have other commitments in your day, or you need to be there and show up for other people, guess what the first thing that goes away is self-care.”

As a husband, father, and businessman, Harry understands how easy it is to fall out of the practice of self-care, but he believes it is critical to retain it in your daily routine. Aside from being a father and husband, Harry is also working on developing content for Netflix and Spotify and well publishing a memoir.

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