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Read about 6 Morning Routine Habits that will change your life ?

Throughout time and across cultures, the morning has always been regarded as a sacred time. This post is for you if you wake up every morning and instantly check your phone, still unable to comprehend why you aren’t achieving the happiness and success you desire. Allow me to expose you to the power of a morning routine, along with keynote speaker Hal Elrod.

“When the US economy crashed in 2008, I crashed with it,” Elrod stated. He needed to make a change after six months of his health, finances, and work all going downhill. He studied high-performers personal development routines and came up with six tried-and-true behaviors that the most successful people swear by. And it had a significant impact on his life.

His new morning routine led to substantial improvements in his financial, emotional, and physical health in less than two months. He was able to double his income, overcome his despair, and begin training for an ultra-marathon. Make a two-month dedication to Elrod’s “magic morning” routine. Let’s see how things go. I guarantee that waking up a little earlier will help you make the life improvements you’ve been aching for.

1 Start your day with silence

Make time for peaceful, purposeful silence every morning, whether you practice meditation or simply sit in silence for 10 minutes. I sit for at least 20 minutes every day, and I can’t imagine a day when I don’t do so. It has made such a difference in my life. Elrod explains that silence helps you lower your stress (cortisol) levels and direct your attention inward, allowing you to produce new thoughts and set a clear mentality for the remainder of the day.

Don’t hold yourself responsible for any aspect of the event. Simply sit and try to find a balance between relaxation and concentration. “The benefits of spending time in silence will simply be amplified and deepened over time,” Elrod continues, “and the benefits of spending time in silence will simply be amplified and deeper over time.”


2 Craft your affirmations as commitments

An affirmation, according to Elrod, is a statement that draws your attention to something valuable. He also offers a unique take on traditional advice. Elrod recommends against affirming who you are or what you aspire to be in order to build affirmations that bring results. Instead, reaffirm your commitment.
Answer these four questions to craft results-oriented affirmations:

  1. What are you committed to?
  2. Why is it deeply meaningful to you?
  3. What activities will you do to ensure your success?
  4. When, specifically, will you commit to doing those activities?
    This can also serve as a daily goal. What would you like to concentrate on? What do you wish to experience? Set an intention in the morning and check-in during the day to see how your actions and thoughts are aligning with that aim or affirmation.
    3 Visualize success

Elrod recommends using visualization to mentally and emotionally prepare yourself for whatever the day has in store, just like an athlete who visualizes their performance before even setting foot on the playing field. Let’s imagine you have to deal with a work conflict today. Begin by visualizing the build-up. Imagine yourself entering the room like an experienced negotiator.
Consider how driven and open the team members are to finding a solution. Then imagine the end result: a positive ending in which everyone pledges to work together as a team. The more exact you can be in visualizing all of the many aspects of the scenario, the more helpful this tool will be. This should make you worry less about the upcoming work, not more.


4 Exercise

Elrod adds that even if you only exercise for a few minutes, it will give you an energy boost and help you wake up faster. It may be a seven-minute YouTube workout. Stretches in yoga. Jump jacks for 60 seconds. Anything to assist you in waking up. In the mornings, I have a 20-30 minute yoga practice.
It allows me to remove the tired energy from my body and prepare for the day ahead! It’s wonderful if you already go to the gym after work. Don’t mess with it. However, if you include a few minutes of morning exercise or stretching, you’ll see how it affects your entire day.

5 Every day, read a few pages

Elrod claims that you’re a book away from learning what you need to improve any aspect of your life, whether you want to be a better manager, get more fit, or have healthier relationships. With so many books available, it’s simple to discover one that speaks to your current state of mind.
Even if you only read five pages per day, that’s 150 pages—or one self-help book—every month, or 12 books per year. “You are distancing yourself from 95% of our culture and joining the top 5% of those who read those books,” Elrod explains. And that can transform you into a whole new person.

6 Write to get clear on your priorities

Elrod spends time every morning journaling on two questions. To begin, list three things for which you are grateful. Gratitude helps you see the world through a positive lens when you start your day with it. It only takes a few minutes, and whether you write them down or just identify them in your head, it’ll alter your life. Don’t know what to be grateful for right now?

Begin with a beating heart, breathing air, and having access to flowing water—the most fundamental and tangible things for which we can be grateful. Second, what are the three most important tasks you must complete today? What on your to-do list will help you achieve your most important goals, dreams, live the life you want to live, and make the impact you want to make?

This technique, according to Elrod, has allowed him to “make massive progress on these goals that were formerly simply fantasies that I never truly believed I could achieve.” You might be thinking to yourself as you read this list, “How early do you people get up?” Give a few of these items a try for at least two months, even if you don’t accomplish all six for the time or quantity specified. Take a look at the difference it makes!

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