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Read everything about Sherry Shriner!

One of the most famous personalities that everyone wants to know about is Sherry Shriner.  Well, thus we came up with this article to let you know everything about her. She and her famous alien-reptilian cult has always been one of the most trending topics.  Sherry Shriner is a leader of the cult and the person who actually came up with it. Shriner was born in 1975. Her birth place is in the United States. She died on 28 January 2021. Shriner is someone who is famously known to be a self-ordained person. A Messenger of the Highest God is what she was famous for in her cult. She was the founder of this Alien-Reptile Cult. Also her official social media accounts speak about it. 

Well, she has  a huge amount of fan following in all her social media accounts. Thus all the fans who deeply followed her wanted to know much more about her in detail. In this article you will get complete information about her. from her person to her professional life. You can read everything about her in this article. Also we have given the information regarding the formation of the cult. So read further and get the information that you want to know regarding Sherry Shriner.

Who was Sherry Shriner: Why was she famous? 

She was a very famous personality as she was a cult leader. The cult that was by her was an alien-reptilian cult. She what’s the person who actually came from a very good family. She belonged to a good high-class family. Shriner was born back in 1975. It was the place in the United States where she was. She died on 28 January 2021 leaving her massive fan following sad. She in her cult was famous as self-ordained ‘Messenger of the Highest God. You can actually know a lot about her as the founder of the Alien-Reptile Cult. Well sources claim that Shriner’s online reptile cult is tracing back to 2017. It is actually based on the death of Steven Mineo. Talking about the very recent documentary. Well, it actually came up with a lot of information regarding her. 

 Her recent documentary talks about the case of Steven Mineo. He died and  at the hands of his girlfriend as she killed her. His girlfriend Barbara Rogers, and Shriner were in a six-part docuseries. Well, The DevilSherry Shriner is the owner of the Alien-Reptile Cult. Her cult was something that was once the talk of the town. She started her cult or group on Facebook. She used the online platform to actually talk about her prophecies and weird beliefs. Nevertheless, she slowly started to get a lot of attention from a huge number of people around the globe. Many social media users also started believing all of her words. Sherry Shriner graduated from Kent State University. She was a degree holder in  Journalism. Well, she also has a degree in Political Science, and Criminal Justice. 

The VICE documentary, The Devil You Know spoke a lot about Sherry Shriner’s life. It came out on the platform of YouTube on March 29. As per the documentary, deceased Steven Mineo was someone who also followed Shriner. Many claim that he had a very close bond with her. Sherry grew up in the United States. However information regarding her birth date is not clear yet. She was only 45 years old when she died. Her profession was to be the leader of an alien-reptilian cult leader. Her Ethnicity is also not clear. 

Here is some more information regarding her:

  • Real Name- Sherry Shriner
  • Nick Name- Sherry
  • Birthday Date- Not Known
  • Age- 45 years old
  • Profession- alien-reptilian cult leader
  • Birthplace- United States
  • Date of Birth- 1975
  • School Name- Primary School
  • College Name- Kent State University
  • Relationship Status- Unmarried
  • Height-  5 feet 6 inches
  • Weight- 55kgs

None of the records crealy state anything about her parents. She did not ever openly speak about her family members or siblings. The details about her family were always kept hidden from all of her fan following. Sherry completed her school education at Primary School. She has a Bachelor’s degree at Kent State University. a person being the cult did she was someone who was famous on social media platforms. 


Yes you can see that she was a personality that was very much active on social media especially Facebook. Many also called her a Social Media Star. According to many Social media reports her relationship status is not officially clear. Yes there is no information available on the Internet regarding your relationship status. 

Sherry Shriner- Career, Net Worth and her personal life!

Her personal life or something that she never spoke a lot about. Details regarding her Net worth income were also not available on the internet.  She was born in the United States. Talking about her looks, she was 5 feet 6 inches in height. Her body weight is around 55kgs and 121 lbs.

Sherry Shriner- Social Media Accounts 

As we have read before in the article she was someone who was very much active on social media platforms. She started gaining a lot of Fame when she became a famous alien-reptilian cult leader. Shriner always was actively speaking about her beliefs. She spoke about what she thought that everyone should follow.  Her Instagram account has got 25.8k Followers and she gained a lot of support from people around the globe.

FAQ More about Sherry Shriner that you should know about!

Q.1 Who was Sherry Shriner?

Ans. She is a famous social media personality and alien-reptilian cult leader

Q.2 What was Sherry Shriner when she passed away?

Ans. Shriner was only 45 years old when she died.

Q.3  Who were Sherry Shriner’s parents?

Ans. There is no information available regarding her parents and siblings.

Well in this article you can read a lot about Sherry Shriner. We got all of our information from reliable sources for surem. She was someone who was really active to talk about her cult and beliefs. You can know about it all by reading the article. Also we have given information about her professional and personal life. Her fan following was huge. And you can exactly know why many people are following you by reading the article now.

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