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Read what suggestions were told by Zoho CEO on Mahindra’s electric auto!

The world is heading towards technology and the use of gadgets. People are depending more on technology and gadgets in order to make their life easier and faster. In this run of becoming technologically more advanced people have been introducing a lot of useful gadgets for years. Concepts such as electric cars and electric autos have been also introduced to which are on its way of success. The idea of your being liked by people and people have started adapting it too. Well, the Mahindra company has introduced their own electric vehicle, which has been tested by many people and also by the CEO of Zoho corporation.

CEO of Zoho Corporation Sridhar Vembu, gave some suggestions for Anand Mahindra after he tried out the Mahindra Treo electric auto. In some of the tweets which were shared this morning, Mr Vembu shared that he received the electric three-wheeler over the weekend and he loved driving it around. Praising it as a “practical commuter vehicle”, the one that is capable of 55 km/hour speed and has a range of 125 km on a full charge, the CEO of Zoho Corporation said he have some suggestions for Mahindra Group Chairman, Anand Mahindra, regarding the electric autos, which he also shared.

He started by mentioning the price and how the vehicle is an affordable vehicle perfect for a family. “This electric auto form factor and the price point (take home price under Rs 3.5 lakhs) is a very affordable family vehicle,” he wrote. Further he added that the prices could come down even further as production volumes increase. 

In the further series of tweets, he talked about the looks and features of the vehicle. He praised the auto-rickshaw’s design, and said that it made for a very cool vehicle, one that prompted intrigued questions while having a drive in rural areas. Mr Vembu had moved to Mathalamparai, which is a village near Tenkasi in the picturesque Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, in late 2019. Well, in his Twitter thread too, he shared a picture of himself driving the electric auto around the village, which was full of beauty. “Design can make this a really cool vehicle. When I drive my auto on rural roads, people ask me where to get one,” he wrote regarding the same. 

Talking about the suggestions, Sridhar Vembu also requested Mr Mahindra to offer some variety of colours and varieties in designs as well as to include some family-friendly options. “Come up with a cool marketing campaign to popularize these low-cost electric vehicles,” he further suggested. He further added that he saw great potential in the electric vehicle, and in the comments section, Mr Vembu even came up with a marketing idea himself, and wrote that the open auto could be marketed as “the affordable convertible”. 

Well indeed it has to be said that his wide range of suggestions has gained many reactions online and has also racked up thousands of ‘likes’ and reactions on the microblogging platform. Many people have praised Zoho CEO Mr Vembo for giving such a great suggestions on the improvisation of the vehicle. On the other hand, Anand Mahindra, who is an active Twitter user himself and is known for his constant activity on Twitter, has yet to respond to them. 

For more information, The Mahindra Treo is a range of electric three-wheelers. It was  fully designed and developed in India. Last year, the Mahindra Treo became the first electric three-wheeler to surpass the 5,000 units sales milestone in India.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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