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Remarkable hacks to boost your website traffic

When it comes to digital marketing, We all often focus on major portions and forget how little things can do wonders. Small ideas or hacks can accelerate your traffic instantly. All you need is to find some out-of-the-box to attract customers. Take care of little things; customers will come to you. Small hacks here and there can give a boost to your platform if followed right. 

These killer hacks will help you generate traffic on your website: 

Experiment with content

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Experimenting will always create a buzz; ditch regular ideas or content in your niche, show them it’s a myth to follow a similar path. Create your own, play with your content. Memes are the new normal; create content that’s meme-worthy or something that meme factory will jump into. The more your content will be shared and out of the box, the more customers will visit your traffic.

Spy on your competitors  

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Well! If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to know what they are doing and perform even better. Have you been a spy for your siblings or something you found curious about? If yes, then bring out your spy mode and keep a check on your competitors regularly. Understand how they deal with their customers. Are they using a better strategy? Or do they have more customers than you? If the answer to these questions is yes, then why are you waiting? Apply strategies to attract your targeted audience. Compete but not literally; healthy competition is good.

Upgrade old blog posts

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Excellent hack when you don’t want to post new stuff or having time crunch or writer’s block. These small factors allow google to upgrade your rankings and generate new traffic; when google algorithms know something is happening. Choose your old post; you think you can upgrade. Edit all the images that are replaced with the latest pictures, perform a similar task if you have video content. Now go through the post and cut off all the content that doesn’t work anymore. For instance, if you wrote a blog on strategies for something, cut off that doesn’t work and add more new ones. You are ready to roll.

Podcasts are the new normal

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According to surveys, more than 50% of people pay a visit after listening to podcasts. It’s a new yet unique strategy to connect with your customers. Generate your podcast. No! You don’t need to start right away. Start as a guest on their podcasts; Contact people who have podcasts similar to your niche. When starting your podcast, you have enough budget to invite some influencers. You can even start by inviting one of your regular customers that will create an impact on your visitors.

Look at google suggestions and related searches for high traffic ideas

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Look for high traffic generating content ideas and keywords through google search suggestions and related searches. Type anything related to your niche, check what Google suggests, pay a visit on their search, and see what and why they are generating high content. Similarly, when you search for your niche, look out for the related searches at the bottom; it will help you create ideas that receive high traffic.

Use power words in headlines

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Work on your blog or article headlines. Just like your ads, your headlines create an impact when they have powerful words. Users often get attracted to power words as they impact their psychology. For instance, get your result in less than 5 minutes, here less than 5 minutes is your power word or buy in 99 or 999 or 199; these digits play with customer psychology. Use them in your headlines. Research about power words, check which ones generate high traffic, and can work under your niche. 

Create content for influential people

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Do you want influential people to hire them? No! Not by hiring them but compelling them to talk about you. You can create them in two ways; either create something creative yet unique to talk about or create something related to topics they are talking about. For instance, if something is trending among the influential group, jump on the trend and create something that isn’t done yet; it can be useful for them. When they will share your content or mention you, your website is bound to generate high traffic. 

Host a giveaway

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No surprises here; who doesn’t love free stuff? We all do right! Organise a giveaway contest on your platform or social media profiles, tell your audience to visit your platform for participation, or buy something from you to participate. Mind you! The prize needs to be attractive enough for them to visit you. 

Make geo-targeted content

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Analyse your website and check from where most visitors visit your website. List down the countries and start targeting the audience from there. By identifying regions, you will know what your customers want and what they mostly look for. Create content keeping in mind your geo-targeted customers. It will help you generate a better audience and high traffic from a specific region.

Bottom line

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These hacks will help generate better results instantly. Use all of them one by one that fits well with your niche to generate high traffic on your website.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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