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Who is Rick Ness’ girlfriend? All you need to know about Leese Marie.

You must be curious about Rick Ness’ girlfriend if you’ve watched or even heard of the American reality series Gold Rush. Rick Ness is Parker Schnabel’s right-hand guy. People knew Rick Ness girlfriend had the aptitude and charisma to succeed on his own even before he joined Parker’s staff. Rick Ness reportedly started seeing Leese Marie after divorcing his wife Jen, according to reports. And appropriately so, considering that Ness hasn’t turned around since he established his mining company in Gold Rush Season 9. Even if there is already a lot of information available on the reality TV star, there is still a lot to learn. His multiple personalities, his ability to grow and prosper without assistance, and his love life are all still being explored and are all worth monitoring.

Full NameRichard Ness
Birth DateMarch 5, 1981
Birth PlaceMichigan
Nick NameRick Ness
Father’s NameBig Rick
Mother’s NameJudy Marie Bedard
Age41 years
Height5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight78 KG
Marital StatusDivorced
GirlfriendLeese Marie
Net Worth$3 Million

Who is Leese Marie, girlfriend of Rick Ness?

The online speculations concerning Rick Ness’ relationship haven’t been going around for very long. Rick has officially acknowledged his connection with Leese Marie by publishing a photo of the two of them and referring to her as her female friend, but Ness has never been honest and forthcoming about his personal life, putting an end to all the guesses and suspicions.

The arrival of Rick Ness and Marie led to online mockery. The pair, however, handled it admirably and refrained from feeding the troll. They acted as party snatchers for the trolls while maintaining their composure.

Rick Ness girlfriend

Several accounts suggest that Jen Ness is Rick Ness’ ex-wife, but other reports assert that she is now married to or was formerly married to Randy Ness, Rick’s twin brother. But the complete truth is still a secret. Rick Ness’ girlfriend, you’ll probably have to wait a little longer to do so. Not only that, but Marie’s place of birth and nationality are also unknown. However, other people, including Rick Ness, think she is from Milwaukee.

Rick congratulated Marie on Facebook in August for traveling with him to the Yukon. He referred to a photo of the two of them and stated, “This Yukon mining season is by far the best thanks to this lady right here.”

Rick Ness posted on Facebook during the last few days of sluicing in Yukon that he was prepared to go back to Leese Marie. About a month prior, she had come back to their house. Leese Marie is anticipated to dwell in Milwaukee, indicating that the pair may have recently moved in together.

Rick Ness and his dog Ruby were spotted in front of an off-road buggy back in July 2021. In addition, Leese Marie doesn’t appear to be active on any social media platforms, which makes her even more secluded than Rick and keeps the followers interested in learning more about her.

Who is Leese Marie, Rick Ness’s partner?

Leese Marie looks to be in her mid-to-late-30s or early 40s, yet nothing is known about her. Although it cannot be verified, several websites claim that she was born on October 25. Rick revealed on his Facebook page in April that Marie would be a part of Gold Rush Season 12.

Rick congratulated Marie on Facebook in August for traveling with him to the Yukon. Despite the fact that her hometown and nationality are unknown, some fans have assumed Marie is a Milwaukee native-like Rick Ness.

On October 9, Rick wrote on Facebook that he was almost finished sluicing at the Yukon site and was prepared to return to his partner Leese Marie’s house. About a month prior, she had come back to their house. This shows that Leese Marie presently resides in Milwaukee and that the pair may have moved in together.

Rick Ness shared pictures of them with his dog, Ruby, in front of an off-road buggy in about July. The frequency with which the pair goes off-roading is shown by the fact that Rick has previously expressed interest in the pastime by posting images of it on Facebook.

Since Leese Marie doesn’t appear to have any public social media presence, she seems even more secretive than Rick.

Rick Ness Girlfriend 

FAQs on Rick Ness Girlfriend 

How much money does Rick Ness make from Gold Rush?

Rick Ness has a $3 million net worth and is a reality television personality and musician in the United States. The reality TV series Gold Rush is where Rick Ness is best known.

What country is Rick from in Gold Rush?


Rick, a native of Michigan, spent his childhood among large machinery at his father’s construction company.

Rick Ness left Gold Rush for what reason?

After Season 8’s appointment of Ness as Schnabel’s foreman, Ness made the decision to strike out on his own in search of additional mineable territory in order to enrich both himself and the workforce he oversaw. Undoubtedly, the trip has been challenging, with both dirt-covered lows and gold-plated highs.

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