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Rohit Sharma’s Twitter account is hacked. Know about all the weird crazy tweets!

One of the famous Indian cricketers, Rohit Sharma was recently seen leading the team of India. He got the team to a series of 3-0 sweeps. The match was played against the team of Sri Lanka and it was followed with a number of tweets. Yes, he tweeted so many obnoxious tweets the internet is all going crazy about it. All of his fathers and most of his fan following is and other social media users wondered whether he is fine. Well is something wrong with him? 

Is the account hacked?

And so many social media users state that the account must be hacked or it is not something that the cricketer will do. The India captain is also going to lead his maiden Test match. Well, he is at a ripe age of 35 years in Mohali. It is against the same opposition.  The match will also be Virat Kohli’s hundred Test match as per the records. However, the match will be played behind closed doors. Talking about it, how can we forget about all the crazy tweets by Rohit. 

He put out many of them today leaving all of his fans wondering whether everything is very fine on this account. “Bzz….! Did you know? Buzzing beehives make for great boxing bags!,” Rohit said in his tweet. “I love coin tosses…especially when they end up in my belly!,” the second tweet said. This tweet even got a lot of likes of Harsha Bhogle and Yuzvendra Chahal. Well, both of his fellow cricketers as well as his friends couldn’t understand just what the tweet was all about. They also asked the captain ‘what’s the matter with him.’ “Uh…What? All okay Captain? Can’t make heads or tails of this.”

The upcoming matches:

India vs Sri Lanka in Mohali is still on its way. We have a few hours left now for the game. Many of the fans are eagerly waiting for the match to come. Well, the main reason behind this is it is going to be the 100th test match of Virat Kohli that everybody is waiting for. anticipated among the fans. Also, many of his fans are also a bit sad as there is not going to be any crowd present in the stadium.  We know that many of the fans wish to give their King a fitting tribute. 

The match is set to happen on March 4 at the PCA stadium. Nevertheless, many fans will be switching on the television sets from wherever they are to watch their favorite cricketers. At the same time many are also popping the questions as to why the BCCI is not allowing any crowd. Many of their fans are also stating that the worst of the Corona pandemic is almost over thus fans should be allowed inside. The second Test match is all set to happen in Bengaluru. Talking about it, the match will see crowds also.  Also the stadium for the Windies series: Kolkata and the other place of the Sri Lanka series allowing some ground to watch the matches. Well, many of the cricket fans are eagerly waiting and want to support their favorite teams.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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