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Shirley Caesar age, height, weight, and bio are provided

American gospel singer Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams, better known by her stage name Shirley Caesar, was born on October 13, 1938, in the United States. Her career has lasted for seven decades. Caesar, who also has Dove and Stellar Awards, is referred to as “The Queen of Gospel Music” and the “First Lady of Gospel Music” and has earned 11 Grammy Awards. When she was 12 years old in 1951, she started recording for Federal Records. 

Caesar has nearly forty albums to his credit. In addition to three gospel musicals, Mama I Want to Sing, Sing: Mama 2, and Born to Sing: Mama 3, she has appeared in over 16 collections. The #unameit challenge was created by her and was first mentioned in one of her song sermonettes.

Facts about  Shirley Caesar :

Full Name
Shirley Ann Caesar-Williams
Birth Date13 October 1938
Birth PlaceDurham, North Carolina, United States
Nick NameNot found
Father’s NameJames Caesar
Mother’s NameHannah Caesar
Height193 cm
Weight89 kg
BuildNot found
ProfessionAmerican gospel singer
Marital Statusmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Harold Ivory Williams
Net Worth$16 million

Shirley Caesar Net Worth :

Shirley Caesar is an American singer-songwriter who specializes in gospel music. So, her estimated net worth is $16 million. Shirley Caesar was raised singing gospel music and was born in Durham, North Carolina. So, she began recording her first recordings at the young age of eleven and quickly established her fantastic skill.

 Shirley Caesar Early Life

For her family and close friends, Caesar first started singing and performing. Also, as invites flooded in, she began serving as Baby Shirley Caesar all over the Carolinas. She had to attend school during the week, so she could only act on weekends. When she was 19 years old, she approached Albertina Walker about joining The Caravans, one of the era’s most well-known gospel groups, to launch her professional music career. Also, after seeing young Caesar perform a solo, Albertina wanted to include her in her ensemble. So, to join the gang, Caesar decided to abandon her education.

Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar Career

While a member of the Caravans, Caesar collaborated on recordings and lived performances with Albertina Walker, Cassietta George, Inez Andrews, Delores Washington, Josephine Howard, Eddie Williams, and James Herndon. So, sweeping Through the City and “No Coward Soldier” were her two biggest hits with the Caravans. After eight years, she chose to leave the Caravans when Hob Records offered her a solo recording contract. Also, I’ll Go, the first record she released on the Hob label, features the Institutional Radio Choir and has the standards “Oh Peter, Don’t Be Afraid” and “Choose Ye This Day.” Caesar joined the secular Roadshow Records record company in 1977 to expand the audience for her music.

First Lady, her self-titled debut album, was made available the following year. Caesar was the first female to record on the label. Therefore, the album’s producer gave it the moniker First Lady. Despite the album’s evangelical solid lyrics, many in the gospel scene thought the music was “too worldly,” Several D.J.s in the genre refused to play it on their radio programme. So, she has established a reputation in the gospel music industry by appearing as a guest on the gospel programme hosted by Bobby Jones and other well-liked television programmes. Caesar calls Albertina Walker the “Queen of Gospel Music” and her mentor.

Other details :

She won seven Dove Awards for Black Gospel Album of the Year between 1981 and 1995 for Live at the G.M.W.A., Celebration, Christmasing, Sailin’, Live, and… Rejoice and go to Chicago. She won two Black Gospel Song of the Year Awards for “Hold My Mule” and “He’s Working It Out for You.”

Shirley Caesar

Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Dorothy Norwood, Faith Evans, Dottie Peoples, Arnold Houston, Kim Burrell, John P. Kee, Kirk Franklin, Tonex, and Tye Tribbett are just a few of the artists she has shared the stage with. Caesar also works as an actor. So, she appeared in films including Fighting Temptations (2003) with Beyoncé and Cuba Gooding Jr., Why Do Fools Fall in Love (1998) with Larenz Tate and Little Richard, and The Unseen (2005) with Steve Harris. Also, in 1998, she played Aunt Shirley in an episode of The Good News. In 2004, Caesar was a guest on The Parkers.

Shirley Caesar Family Background

The birthplace of Caesar was Durham, North Carolina. She is the tenth child out of thirteen. She no longer has any living siblings. When Shirley was seven years old, Shirley’s father, Jim Caesar, a well-known local gospel musician, passed away abruptly. Due to a defective leg, her mother, Hallie Caesar, was only partially functional. Caesar cared for her mother till her passing in 1986 since they had a close relationship.

Shirley Caesar

Shirley Caesar relationship status

In June 1983, Caesar wed Bishop Harold I. Williams. Until his passing on July 4, 2014, the couple served as co-pastors of Raleigh, North Carolina’s 1,500-member Mount Calvary Word of Faith Church. She does not have any children, but she has two stepchildren from her husband.

Shirley Caesar Background in Education

Caesar has realised her aim of finishing her degree after many years. So, she returned to school and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration honours from Shaw University in 1984. She also attended the Divinity School at Duke University for a while, and Shaw University and Southeastern University have both awarded her honorary doctorate.

FAQs :

 Shirley Caesar’s net worth is ?

 Well, Shirley Caesar has a net worth of $ 16 million.

Shirley Caesar—does she have kids ?

She is not a biological parent of any children. However, she is married and has two adult stepchildren—Reverend Hope I Mason and Harold I. Williams Jr.

Shirley Caesar has been married for how long ?

The co-pastors of Raleigh’s Mount Calvary Word of Faith have been married for more than 30 years. Bishop Williams was a skilled musician and songwriter, in addition to being a preacher. So, over the years, he contributed vocals and spoken word to several of his wife’s projects.

Shirley Caesar’s starting age as a singer was what age ?

Five-year-old Caesar began singing and performing as “Baby Shirley” in North Carolina and South Carolina in 1943. She enrolled in North Carolina College the following year, 1956, after graduating from Durham’s Hillside High School.


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