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Tokyo Olympics 2021: India faces great disappointment in the shooting

The medal tally of India is low. Although the Indian athletes are trying their best to win medals for India it is becoming hard day by day. And in the Tokyo Olympics shooting, India is facing huge disappointment. Manu Bhaker, Saurabh Chaudhary, Yashaswini Singh Deswal, Abhishek Verma, Divyansh Singh Panwar, Elavenil, Anjum, and Deepak are the shooters who represented India in a 10-meter air rifle mixed event. Even trying their best they were not able to qualify for the medal round.

At first, Saurabh Chaudhary and Manu Bhaker started the game very fiercely. They gained 98 and 97 points in their first series respectively. Indeed to say that this was a good beginning for the Indian duo. They even took the top position after the first series. In the second series, Saurabh delivered a perfect hundred and all the Manu slipped the little bit she delivered 94. Both were still on top. But on the other hand, Deswal and Abhishek were in 16th position. In the third series too, Manu and Saurabh played well and qualified for round 2 as the top team. Only 8 teams out of 20 from the qualification stage 1 can jump to stage 2. But Deswal and Abhishek lost the competition, as they were not able to get 9s and 10s consistently. Unfortunately, the start of qualification 2 was not a great start. Manu showed poor performance in stage 2 but Saurabh continued to perform well. Manu shot 2 8s in each of the two series. Saurabh shot 96 and 98 but Manu shot 92 and 94 in stage 3 which did not help the team. They finished in the seventh position out of 8 shooters and failed to reach the medal round, as only the first four teams out of 8 teams could make it to the medal rounds.

The other two Indian shooter pairs who participated in the 10-meter air rifle mixed team event lost the game in first qualifications only. The duo was Elavenil Valarivan & Divyansh Singh Panwar, and Anjum Moudgil & Deepak Kumar. The Indian duo Elavenil Valarivan and Divyansh Singh Panwar had a total of 626.5 in three series and finished at 12th. Whereas the other duo Anjum Moudgil and Deepak Kumar finished in 18th position with a score of 623.8. The duos made their Olympic debut in the mixed events.

World’s no. 6 men’s rifle shooter Divyansh Singh Panwar and world no. 1 women’s rifle shooter Elavenil Valarivan had a total score of 626.5 in 60 shots. They got 208.6 in their first series and in series 2 they totally got 208.1. But even though they got to 209.8 in the third series it was not enough to reach the top 8. On the other hand, women’s world no. 9 Anjum Moudgil and men’s world no. 10 Deepak Kumar, scored 206.4 in the first series and they were at the bottom half. And in the second series, they scored 210.3. They scored 207.1 in the third series so overall they got 623.8 points. This was not enough to reach the top 8. 

The Indian shooters tried hard but were not able to succeed and proceed to the next rounds.



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