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Viral proposal video: Australian softball player proposes his girlfriend!

We often find videos showing couples bonds, pranks, and all those lovely adorable videos of couples getting engaged and proposal videos on the Internet now and then. Surprising your partner who you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life with a marriage proposal is not an easy task, especially when you want to leave them with happy tears. We often find the people come up with amazing crazy ideas that inspire many people to pop up the big question, and often we have also seen people sometimes taking the idea of involving a fake injury to propose to their partner.

That’s what exactly has happened in the recent now-viral going video. Well, all the social media users were left awestruck when they found out that this is how an Australian softball player asked her girlfriend to marry on the pitch. Her proposing style leaves all delighted around and surely it was a very cute moment to witness. In this adorable viral video, Sara Riou proposed to her girlfriend Jacinta Comande. Well, she planned to propose to her on the pitch during a recent game.

Also, it was halfway through a softball league match which was happening at the Mirrabooka softball complex which is located in Perth. Talking about the adorable couple, Riou has been with Comande for two years now. This was the time when she decided and was keen to pull out all stops to make her proposal one to remember. Well in the clip going viral, Riou was seen falling to the ground. However, it was not true as she pretended to be injured by the ball. Her acting left all of the people anxious around her. 

Because she faked an injury, the Comande was prompted to run on the field when she didn’t get up for a while which also scared many people around them. Nevertheless, everything went as per the plan and, as soon as Comande rushed to the pitch to comfort her, Riou got on one knee. In the video, we can see she was kneeling & asking Comande to marry her to which the players and the crowd burst into applause. Everyone cheered for the couple and you can see the couple sharing an emotional hug.

As per the reports given by Daily Mail, Australia, Comande later posted a video on TikTok to explain that the blue team’s coach already knew about the plan and Riou had also asked for Comande’s dad’s blessing before she decided to ask her the question. “Sara had told me it was this huge game and that she’d invited all our friends and family down to watch. I didn’t suspect a thing, and when she went down injured I was obviously really worried about her,” Comande stated while speaking to the publication.  Further, she also added that they continued the match after the proposal and said “I walked back to the stands as an engaged woman.”

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Swetha Sivakumar
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