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When preparing for her comeback after taking a break from acting, Cameron Diaz said, “It’s a new lifestyle”?

Even though she hasn’t always appreciated the lifestyle that comes with performing, Cameron Diaz still misses it. The 49-year-old discussed why she took an eight-year break from the business and is now ready to return in an interview with CBS Mornings’ Dana Jacobson.

When you’re doing something that you know, you’ve done well, you understand how it works, and it has taken up all of your time for such a long time, it’s kind of great to kind of like, “You know what? Let me just take a moment to stand back, consider how my life as a whole looks, and consider what I could improve upon or devote more of my time to in order to feel more complete.

That’s what I did “stated Diaz. She was the highest paid actress over 40 when the “Charlie’s Angels” star decided to take a career break. She also shared what she most misses about the filmmaking process.

“I miss some facets of acting or filmmaking. It’s enjoyable to practise and participate in the specific skill set of making movies “said her. It’s a different way of life, so you kind of have to be prepared for it.

Diaz’s advice on juggling parenting and work?

Diaz must balance her acting profession with her parental responsibilities. Benji Madden and the actress’s 2-year-old daughter Raddix are parents. Diaz stated of striking a balance between business and family life, “Everyone only has 100% and you always have to figure out how you’re going to divide that 100% to disperse it to all that sections of your life that important.”

For Diaz, though, the rewards of parenthood make it all worthwhile. “Simply being able to have an impact on a growing youngster, in my opinion. Each mother experiences the cool experience of witnessing their child perform a new skill for the first time and thinking, “I remember doing that.””

Netflix’s “Back in Action” will mark Diaz’s comeback to acting?

Despite perhaps returning to the big screen, Diaz won’t be appearing in any new films. Alongside Jamie Foxx, Diaz will make her streaming debut in the upcoming Netflix movie “Back in Action.” On June 29, Foxx revealed on Twitter that his former co-star was making a comeback and that filming would start later that year.

Director Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses,” “Baywatch,” and “The Lost City”) and writers Brendan O’Brien will collaborate on the action-comedy movie “Back in Action.”

In 2014’s “Annie,” Diaz last made an appearance?

Diaz previously filled the role of Miss Hannigan in the 2014 film adaption of the musical “Annie.” She co-starred with Foxx. Aston Kutcher, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, and Rihanna were all featured in the movie’s cast.

Diaz’s reasons for leaving acting, including issues with mental health?

Speaking to Michelle Visage on the “Rule Breakers” podcast in March, Diaz discussed the mental health issues that came along with her popularity and success. I am definitely a victim of all the exploitation and objectification of women in society.

At different points, I have myself bought into all of them, Diaz admitted. “Fame can be incredibly naive. It’s all about maintaining someone in a state of coddling, much like when we see a small child and think, “That thing is so adorable; I want it to stay that way forever; if I keep it that way by treating it that way, maybe it’ll stay that way forever.”

And people regard you in that way. The “Bad Teacher” actress talked to Gwyneth Paltrow in an August 2020 YouTube Livestream on how she found peace after deciding to stop acting.

As a result of finally taking care of herself, Diaz claimed to have found peace in her soul. In 2018, Diaz made her retirement formally public. In addition to writing books, Diaz co-founded the winery Avaline.

When they discovered that wine is frequently filtered using animal bioproducts, Diaz and Power told CBS on Monday that they were both initially astonished. In order to ensure that its wine is vegan, Avaline is dedicated to obtaining its grapes from organic farms around the world.

We thought, “God, what about the folks who are vegan and are drinking wine and they don’t even know it because it’s not usually put on the bottle,” after learning that.

Diaz stated that she hopes Avaline offers a guide to wine product transparency?

In her second book, “The Longevity Book: The Science of Age, the Biology of Strength, and the Privilege of Time,” Diaz addresses the topic of embracing ageing. “You can’t stop getting older. Diaz advised you to simply perform the task as skillfully as you can.

However, taking into account other aspects of ageing rather than just the one we’re so fixated on, helps you age more gracefully. With her debut book, “The Body Book: Feed, Move, Understand and Love Your Amazing Body,” Diaz rose to fame as a New York Times best-selling author.

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