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Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Bio of Supa Peach

Supa Peach is a multi-talented Atlanta-based artist. She is well known for her work as a rapper. She considers herself, however, to be an entertainer who can sing, dance, and act. Supa Peach also works as a model. She and four other participants competed in the Lifetime television series ‘The Rap Game’ in January 2016. She released a single called “Run It” in June 2016, where she appeared as a vocalist and dancer. 

Supa Peach was spotted in-studio images with Grammy-nominated producer James Worthy on social media channels, sparking rumours that they were working together. She released a new “Pretty Gang” track in August 2016, which James Worthy produced. She has appeared on numerous talent shows and regularly performs at birthday parties, parties, and other events. Supa Peach is a popular YouTuber with over 176k subscribers to her “SupaPeachworld” channel, which has received over 40 million views on its videos. She has 611k Instagram followers and 26k Twitter followers.

Facts about Supa Peach:

Full NameSupa Peach
Birth DateMarch 07, 2003
Birth PlaceThe British Virgin Islands
Nick NamePeachez, Young Queen
NationalityBritish- American 
Father’s NameNot found
Mother’s NameJosetta Peach
Height1.52 m
Weight45 kg
Professionactress, singer, rapper and songwriter
Marital Statusunmarried
Wife/Husband/Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Name)Not found
Net Worth$0.5 million

Supa Peach’s Net Worth:

Supa Peach has a net worth of $0.5 million as an American rapper and musician. She is most known for her appearance in the 2016 TV reality show The Rap Game season.

She is well-known on various social media platforms and her professional work. Her Instagram and Snapchat profiles and her YouTube channel have amassed a sizable fan base.

Supa Peach Early Life

She was a tiny child when she became famous all around the world. But her participation in “The Rap Game” has given her the most fame. There are a total of four candidates in the tournament who compete for an autograph from Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def record company. She performs regularly throughout the early stages of her career. She went to birthday parties, weddings, and sporting events. Regarding ethnicity, we’d like to inform you that she is of mixed race. She also has her own YouTube channel, which she created in July 2012 and has 452 000 subscribers.

Supa Peach’s Career

Due to disputes with co-stars, her time on The Rap Game has been less than pleasant. However, she later stated in an interview that she is grateful for her experience on the show since she learned a lot of new things. When asked if she is friends with any of her fellow contenders, she responded that she is “okay” with them but not “friends” or “in touch” with them. She stated that she was the most exemplary performer among her competitors. She also said that her only criticism of the show is that it made her appear to be someone she is not. 

When asked about Jermaine Dupri’s guidance, she stated that he advised her to be always prepared and be at the top of her game no matter what situation she is thrown into. Her disputes with fellow candidate Miss Mulatto have sparked outrage on social media. When asked how she handles terrible comments and direct messages on social media, Supa Peach stated she tries to respond to her followers as soon as possible but avoids unpleasant comments.

Other works:

On the other hand, she does not believe it is necessary to erase bad words because, as she points out, even celebrities such as Michael Jackson have experienced criticism. She constantly wears a cloak on stage, which has become her hallmark. During her time on The Rap Game’s first season, Supa Peach was constantly at odds with another contender, Miss Mulatto, who went on to win the competition. 

Miss Mulatto, 17, had been attempting to discredit 12-year-old Supa Peach by claiming that she didn’t create her lyrics. Miss Mulatto brought up the lyrics matter again when the participants reunited in February 2016 for a reunion episode, asking Supa Peach directly if she composed her lyrics. The younger candidate avoided giving a clear answer, stating that she works hard to write her songs and that her mother occasionally helps her.

The event quickly devolved into a tense debate between the finalists’ families. Precious Peach, Supa Peach’s older sister and manager, asserted that every parent assists their children with their songs. Mulatto’s father retorted that he never helps her daughter write the songs. It appeared that a fight would break out when Miss Mulatto approached Peach’s mother, Josetta, about her daughter lying. On the other hand, Jermaine Dupri came in just in time to remark that they were arguing about the stupidest thing he had ever heard. He believes it makes little difference who writes their songs as long as they perform effectively.

Supa Peach’s Family Background

Supa Peach was born in the British Virgin Islands on March 7, 2003. The family eventually relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, to give the young performer every advantage in launching a great career. Josetta, her mother, and Precious Peach, her older sister, encourage her to seek a career as a rapper.

Supa Peach’s relationship status

Peach is not dating anyone as of 2022. Supa is a 19-year-old girl, and she has never been married before.

Supa Peach’s Background in Education

From 6th to 8th grade, Supa Peach attended Salem Middle School; however, from 9th to 12th grade, she heard Martin Luther King Jr High School, where she graduated in 2020.


Supa Peach’s net wealth is?

She has a net worth of $0.5 million.

What is Supa Peach’s current age?

Her age is 19 years.

Is Supa Peach the father of a child?

The teenage rapper is not a father.

What made Supa Peach famous?

She has amassed a sizable fan base on her YouTube channel in a short period and gained fame on other social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat.

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