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A 10-year-old girl takes her classes while holding her younger sister!

One of the most viral posts on the internet is becoming one of the inspirational posts and melting the hearts of everyone. People who came across this girl, who is identified as Meiningsinliu Pamela, are in love with her. Talking about the viral post, you will see her paying attention in her class while taking notes. But the interesting fact is that she was present in the class holding her sleeping sister in her left hand. The entire internet which came across these fantastic posts is left in amazement. 

It is excellent to know how many inspirational stories and lives are found on the internet. The acts that provide such inspiration to many other people are something so great to recognise. This 10-year-old little girl facing all the obstacles and yet getting an education has moved everyone on the internet. Talking about the viral picture, you will see her holding her younger sister and her lap. 

An inspirational story:

The girl is from Manipur, and she is attending a class giving full attention. The viral posters also got the attention of Thongam Biswajit Singh, the state’s Minister for Power, Forest, Environment and Climate Change, Agriculture, Science and Technology.

The Manipur minister who came across this post also noted that the girl is actually from Tamenglong. She was babysitting her sister while her parents were out farming. While sharing his reviews, he also wrote in the comments section that he has spoken to her family. He will personally provide finance for her education until this little girl completes her graduation. 

“Her dedication to education is what left me amazed! This 10-year-old girl named Meiningsinliu Pamei from Tamenglong, Manipur attends school babysitting her sister, as her parents were out for farming & studies while keeping her younger sister in her lap,” said Singh in the tweet shared by him. Her love and dedication to getting an education are what that has left many amazed.

“As soon I noticed this news on social media, we trace her family & asked them to bring her Imphal. Spoke to her family that I will personally take care of her education till she graduates. Proud of her dedication!” he added.

Other reactions and similar stories:

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan wrote, “This powerful image represents the aspirations of our children, especially girls. She is absolutely in awe of young Meiningsinliu Pamei for her dedication toto education and her sheer determination to carve out a better life for herself. My blessings to her.” As per the news agency IANS, the girl is a student at the Dailong primary school. It is located in the Tamenglong district of Manipur. Talking about her younger sister, who she held in her left hand, she is just a two-year-old. All the social media users who came across this viral post praised the child for her determination and dedication to getting an education. 

Many people noted that there are so many other children who are equally wanting to study like her. It is sometimes so speechless to know that children can do so many things simultaneously. Such strong children are one of the main reasons people love to spread inspirational viral posts. Just like this on the internet now and then. Also, there are few people in the comment section of the post praising the teachers of these students. They have got help from them to get an education in such a situation. Another such determination and inspirational story from India. It is of a young boy who is this 19 year old was leaving everybody in shock. Pradeep Mehra faced challenges to achieve his goals and remains undeterred.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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