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A 102-year-old man broke all previous records in the 100m race!

When we say that dreams can come true no matter what your age it is surely a true fact. This 102-year-old man from Thailand was able to take the internet by storm with others because of his latest achievement. A man from Thailand named Sawang Janpram was able to shock all the netizens who came across his post. This old man was able to set a completely new record at his age. He completed the hundred-meter dash in just 27.08, thus breaking all the previous records that were noted ever in history.

A new record set:

 All the social media users who came to know about him and his success history are so happy to know that he was able to achieve his goal when interest is. Janpram what’s the one who actually got all the gold medals in the 100-105 years category. It was during the Thailand Masters Athletes Championships. As per the reports, the championships were held the last weekend. It took place in southwestern Samut Songkhram province, the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT) stated. This old man as before has also been a part of the championship 4 times. 

This is one of the most famous and well-loved oldest sprinters across the country. you will actually get to know about all his new records and the now going viral video. The video was initially shared on social media platforms by Reuters on Twitter. Well, you will get to see Janpram winning discus and 100-meter dash events which were a part of the championships. “Getting into sports made me strong and well. As well as this, exercising helps improve your appetite so you eat well too,” Sawang said while speaking to Reuters. 

His journey and the championship!

The elderly sportsman was starting to work twice a day. He began his journey at a local stadium along with his daughter. Just before the games begin instead of a habitual walk once a day event for this routine. “My father always has positive thoughts … so he is in a great mental health condition. In terms of physical health, he has gotten much stronger,” Siripan, the 70-year-old daughter of Janpram said. Well she spoke more about her father while speaking to Reuters.

 Viwat Vigrantanoros who is famous for being the president of Asia Masters Athletics also spoke about the championship. Well, as NNT stated he said that the number of participants in the seniors’ category is increasing every single time. As per him, there were only about 300 participants. It was during the beginning of the championship that it had its first event in 1996. While talking about the current situation there are more than 2000 participants in the games. It ranges from the age group of people ranging from 35 years to 102 years. 

All the people who came to know about the inspiring story of this 102-year-old man truly congratulated him. It is great to be able to achieve a new record and achieve so much Fame and respect at this age too. Many people also praised him for his hard work and his way of thinking to do things no matter what his age is.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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