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A 12-year-old gets a Disney character looking like her!

Disney movies are something that every young kid loves. Not only youngsters but also many adults are super fans of Disney movies. It’s like a dream for every young girl to be a Disney princess. Well, one of the dreams of a kid has come true now. It is prevalent for people, especially kids, to dream about the life of a princess. It is also true that everyone identifies themselves with movie characters.

Such a similar thing and a dream of a 12-year-old girl have hit the headlines now. As per the report, this young kid just wanted a role model in films. She wanted to have a character in the Disney film wear glasses. The reason behind this was she was wearing glasses and always admired them. The news that became super trendy on the social media platforms today is the young girl Lowri’s wish. It is good to know that her wish finally came true.

All the social media users who came across the news were utterly amazed. Yes, we are talking about the very famous Disney film Encanto. Everyone who came across knows that there was a character in the movie with glasses. As per the report by BBC, she is the only person in her family who has glasses. Disney came to know about her wish and made it all through, making the young girl super happy. “I felt a bit alone, and I didn’t feel like I was beautiful enough,” Lowri stated while speaking to the BBC. The resident of Chilwell in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom wrote a letter. Yes, you read that right.

The young girl with glasses wrote a letter to Disney three years ago. Well talking about the letter, she asked them to create a character like her. The young kid wanted to have a Disney character in a film who wears glasses. “I wrote a letter to the Disney chief executive Robert Iger. Because I saw that there were no Disney princesses with glasses. The characters with glasses were called geeks and nerds. I don’t think that is fair,” she said while speaking to Optometry Today.

“I want other little girls around the world to have a role model with glasses. If a person with glasses can look up to, they will know that people with glasses are beautiful. It would make children less worried about what other people think like I was,” she further stated. The little girl’s letter has become one of the hottest topics nowadays. It is also great to know that finally, the letter was in the hands of the right person, Jared Bush.

The director of Encanto also spoke about her and her letter on his official Twitter account. “3 years ago, Lowri wrote to Disney asking for a heroine w/ glasses. I couldn’t say that her wish was already coming true! BUT watch the clip for the answer to a big question: Why doesn’t Julieta “fix” Mirabel or Agustín’s eyesight. It’s who they are & she wouldn’t want to change it,” said Bush. There are a few other reasons why Lowri loves Mirabel from the film.

“I love Mirabel. She’s so funny and just such an amazing, brave character,” Lowri said while speaking to the BBC. Lowri is currently an ambassador for a sight charity. She wrote a book about a princess who wears specs. “I wouldn’t want to not wear glasses. I feel like my glasses are kind of a part of me,” she stated while speaking to Disney Dining.com. Well, as soon as it reached the internet everybody went crazy. Many people and social media users were happy to know about the word by Disney.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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