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Visually impaired High Schooler makes an Ace shot at basketball court!

One of the most amazing videos that are going wildly viral on social media platforms right now. It is winning the hearts of people around the globe. The video shows a heart-touching scene that makes many people leave a measure with it. A 17-year-old girl, Jules Hoogland, is from Michigan’s Zeeland Public Schools Unified Basketball team. Well, she is getting a lot of praise from social media users around the globe for her excellent skills. Also, she is being praised for her perseverance. Also, for the inspiration that she has provided to many people around the globe. 

People are lauding her online, and there is nothing more touching and so moving than this video of her. Well, many people are getting attached to her with her settings such a good example. It is for sure one of the most beautiful examples. In the video, you can see that the US high school students went silent after what she did. 

A perfect shot:

Well, She is a visual impact girl and was able to Ace A shot. It was at a basketball court in such a way that everybody was left. Not only the people who are present at the basketball court. Well, but also the people who saw the video on the social media platform, and now it is breaking the internet. Some so many people have the hope and inspiration to do anything. The touching incident had many praises for the girl for hard work and skills. 

The spectators at the match, conducted in Michigan, also went quiet after watching the visually imped girl. She threw the ball through the hoop at the basketball court. Hoogland, who plays for Zeeland Public Schools Unified Basketball, made the shot. She made it look so simple that people were astonished after watching it. Ook likes a walk in the park. She was talking about the viral video clip initially shared by the school. 

As per the report, she started to play the game of basketball when she was in middle school. Later she then got used to playing it. “It’s a process, but it’s fun,” she told MLive. “It is frustrating at times, but I just keep going,” she said. She had lost her eyesight by the time she was three. Well, her perseverance has gotten the attention of people around the globe.

The viral video:

The video clip shows the athlete preparing to score a goal. At the same time, the crowd was watching her sitting quietly at the basketball court. The woman used a large pole to tap the basketball hoop frame. It is so that she should throw the ball. After a few steps, she aimed and scored like a pro, and people were left surprised by her shot. Also, later in the video, you can see the entire crowd and her fellow team are going all wild. It is just after witnessing her perfect shot.

 The video is going very well, and people are crazy about it. The 17-year-old student of Zeeland East High School wasim to make this short successfully in the game season. According to the reports by a local outlet, she admitted, “I was nervous because all these people are staring at me. Luckily, I couldn’t see them staring at me.”. Well, talking about their team, all the team members consist of students who have disabilities. And also the ones who do not. 

They were playing the last game of the season at the school assembly. Hoogland sank her final free throw of the season. A crowd of around 2500 people is present at the basketball court to witness the event. The high school made it look so easy that everybody was left in complete shock. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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