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A 9 year old kid runs away from home and snakes into a plane after googling about it!

We know that the internet is itself a huge collection of data. So much information and content from across the globe are available here. So just a few clicks and you can actually get the steps and methods to do anything that you want to do. There are so many things for adults to learn and know as well as for children to access on the internet. you can get to know everything that is from A to z by just having access. 

The plan of a 9-year-old kid!

This 9-year-old boy who lives in Brazil came to know about the wonders the internet can do. Thus Google well something that is going viral on the Internet today. As per the boy he wanted to know  “how to get onto a plane unnoticed”. The young boy actually wanted to travel almost 2,700 kilometers away from where he currently lives. As per the reports the young kid was successful in running away from his home which is located in Manaus. He was able to sneak into a Latam Airlines flight. By this, he planned later to be able to reach Guarulhos which is located in Greater São Paulo.

 A local media website, JC Net, reported that the police officials are currently investigating the case. As per the statement given by the police, they said the “child acted completely alone”. And managed to “circumvent security systems” to sneak into the plane. Well, it was only after the flight was in transit. That’s when the crew noticed the unaccompanied kid. So they immediately contacted the Federal Police and the Guardianship Council. The council then went ahead to get some information about the kid as per the report given by JC Net. 

What happened next?

The nine-year-old young boy was identified as Emanuel Marques de Oliveira. Well, as per the report of his family members on February 26th reported that he went missing. His mother Daniele Marques came to know her son was not in his bed in the morning. Well, as per the reports by R7 the mother of the young boy received the call about the boy’s whereabouts. It was around 10 pm that night when she came to know about it. Talking to Record TV Manaus, the mother of the kid stated that “he boarded without documents, with nothing”. 

When the staff came to know about the young kid he was sent to the Guardianship Council. He stayed there overnight and took a flight the next day to return back to his home as per the SSC 10 statement. “The mother intends to sue the Manaus airport administrator and the airline,” the report further said. Well after coming across the news the airport authority also started investigating the case. Latam Airlines Brazil informed Revista Cenarium that it is also investigating the incident. However, they did not reveal any further details about the entire case. As per the report, the investigation stated that the kids had no history of family violence. Well, they revealed, “the reason for the trip would be the desire to live in São Paulo, with other relatives.”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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