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A bus driver maintains his cool in front of a wild elephant and gets a lot of praise.

So many videos of animals and birds on social media platforms end to make a day. Welcome times or not, all of the videos are all happy moments of the animals. Some leaders also show them going wholly wild and tend to shock so many social media users who come across it. Well, once it’s a video of this elephant charging toward a bus, it is going so crazy viral online. Many people who came across it were shocked to see it for sure. Driving a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation bus through the twisting Munnar roads has become viral.

 The entire journey became much more adventurous for all the people and the bus driver. They would not have imagined something like this to happen to them. The driver had to not only control the vehicle, but at the same time, he had to deal with the wild elephant. And not to forget to mention that the road across the mountain range was itself very hard to tackle. 

The scary video:

The video of this wild elephant who is ready to attack the bus goes instantly viral as soon as it is available online. The viral video clip shows the elephant standing on the road. Well, you can also hear all the people inside the bus panicking and that situation. The wild elephant is seen in the video and comes towards the bus. It charges at the windshield, and it cracks it slightly. Then the driver is seen handling the situations he does. He did not lose his school and got praised a lot for it. As the pachyderm retracts and moves aside, the driver quickly accelerates. Later he rises the bus safely back on the track. Additional Chief Secretary of Environment Climate Change and Forests in Tamil Nadu, Supriya Sahu, shared the clip. 

She shared it on Twitter. “Don’t know who is the driver of this Government Bus but he is certainly Mr Cool. The way he handled the supervision check by Mr Elephant it was like business as usual between them. video shared by K.Vijay,” the Indian Administrative Service officer noted as the clip’s caption. As per the local reports, the elephant is also called “Padayappa.” According to the sources, this incident happened at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday. Well, it was near the Munnar Deputy Superintendent of Police office. The driver got a lot of praise online for his presence of mind.

Reactions of the public:

 “Wonderful display of courage and presence of mind by the driver,” said a social media user in the standard section of the post. “Driver has guts! I wouldn’t have done this … scary!! But beautiful to watch !” wrote another social media user who watched the thrilling video. Once a similar incident happened before as well that when instantly viral. Talking about the incident, a tusker charged toward a bus in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris. It happened back in September last year. The driver tried to reverse the vehicle. 

Well, the elephant moved closer and cracked the windshield. It is shocking to know sometimes how animals turn completely wild suddenly.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
I am Swetha Sivakumar an Engineer who is obsessed with writing and keeping myself updated with latest and fun news to turn it into an article.


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