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A Christmas Story Everything You Need to Know About A Christmas Story Christmas

Director Bob Clark (Black Christmas) transported audiences to the 1940s during the holiday season of 1983 and introduced them to the adored Parker family. More particularly, Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley) was out to us as he tried everything to get his parents to get him a BB pistol despite being constantly warned that he would have his eye out. The movie wasn’t exactly a box office when it first came out, but it has become one of the most recognizable and adored holiday classics ever.

Other details:

The movie is endlessly quotable and hilarious and contains Christmas-related elements that will appeal to everyone with a family. A Christmas Story (1983) has become so well-known that calling it a cult classic doesn’t even seem fair because everyone on the street can now quote a few lines from Ralphie’s tale. The film’s legendary marketing potential is also off the charts; every year, many Christmas decorations and items are here, frequently featuring the film’s infamous fragile leg lamp. In 2012, the movie was even the Broadway musical treatment, earning three Tony Award nominations, including Best Musical. Finally, TBS hosts a twenty-four-hour marathon of only A Christmas Story on a loop to emphasize how much people adore the film fully. Given the unexpectedly enormous popularity of the movie, while not strictly warranted, a sequel was becoming more and more likely.

With the release of A Christmas Story 2, we received that sequel in 2012, and we have made every effort to ignore its existence. Thankfully, the next installment, A Christmas Story Christmas, will be out later this year (2022). A Christmas Story Christmas will include several cast members from the original classic, unlike the straight-to-video sequel that we’re still going to pretend never happened. Ralphie is now an adult living in the 1970s. Who is exactly coming back this time? Is the new movie currently playing in theatres? Will we ever learn whether Little Orphan Annie’s hidden message included anything more than instructing children to drink their Ovaltine? Find out everything we currently know about them in the sections below.

A Christmas Story Christmas -1

A Christmas Story Christmas Release date

To see Ralphie’s friends and family make a surprise appearance on November 17, 2022, HBO Max triple dog dares viewers to watch. It would be 39 years practically to the day since the publication of the timeless classic. Thus this release is hardly accidental.

The cast of A Christmas Story Christmas  

The reintroduction of Peter Billingsley as Ralphie is by far the biggest development. Billingsley has mostly stayed with lesser cameo appearances after portraying the iconic part, including Ming Ming the Elf in Elf (2003) and even the Marvel Cinematic Universe with both Iron Man (2008) and Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019). Not just Billingsley is a returning celebrity.

He’ll once more be here by Ian Petrella (Crimes of Passion) as Ralphie’s brother Randy Parker, Scott Schwartz (The Toy) as the frozen pole-licking Flick, R.D. Robb (Matilda) as the triple dog-dancing Schwartz, and lastly, Zack Ward (Freddy vs. Jason) as Ralphie’s former bully Scut Farkas. The latter has reportedly turned into a police officer. Melinda Dillon, who was Ralphie’s mother in the original film and was in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has supposedly been here by Julie Hagerty, who appeared in Airplane! The rest of the cast is by the members of Ralphie’s family, including River Drosche (Gaslit) and Julianna Layne (Prodigal Son) as Mark and Julie, and Erinn Hayes (Bill & Ted Face the Music) as Ralphie’s wife, Sandy.

The plot of A Christmas Story Christmas  

The A Christmas Story official summary is brief but accurate. This will be Ralphie’s most intimate tale yet, with the character being far wiser and more mature at his adult age, as Christmas reveals.

Follows adult Ralphie as he visits his childhood home on Cleveland Street to offer his children a magical Christmas similar to the one he experienced there as a child, re-establishing contact with old acquaintances and coming to terms with the death of his Old Man.

A Christmas Story Christmas -2

The last phrase suggests that the sequel would, at least in part, pay homage to the late Darren McGavin, whose portrayal of Ralphie’s potty-mouthed father has come to be known as one of his most notable roles. Now that Ralphie has a family of his own, he has taken on the role of the patriarch. Only time will tell if he will follow his father’s parenting style or adopt a completely different one this holiday season.


A Christmas Story’s first trailer Christmas is, in every sense of the word, a teaser. Fans will almost certainly recognize certain images from the first movie in the thirty-second sizzle, such as the unaltered Parker family living room, the lampshade of Old Man Parker’s (Darren McGavin) infamous “major award,” and a framed photograph of Ralphie and his two closest friends, Flick (Scott Schwartz) and Schwartz (R.D. Robb). In the final moments of the teaser, Peter Billingsley returns to the role of Ralphie for the first time in decades, donning his signature glasses and grinning as he welcomes the audience.

After the quick teaser, we received a much fuller preview of what to expect from A Christmas Story Christmas, which showed Ralphie and his new family meeting with his mother and boyhood pals Flick and Schwartz. Ralphie is now mourning the loss of his “Old Man” and has just learned from his mother that it is up to him to make this Christmas one the Parker family will never forget. That’s much easier said than done because it will be a chaotic event with many references to the first movie, like Ralphie warning his kids not to get kicked by Santa and Flick getting even with Schwartz with his triple dog dare.


Is there a sequel to A Christmas Story?

The movie A Christmas Story Christmas is now in production as a follow-up to the first movie. The film will be made by screenwriter Nick Schenk and director Clay Kaytis of The Christmas Chronicles (who will also executive produce).

How many different tellings of the Christmas tale exist?

Two additional sequels to A Christmas Story are available. Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven of Bliss, a 1988 made-for-TV film, and My Summer Story, a 1994 film. Also, were the first and second, respectively. Jean Shepherd wrote both, and Bob Clark. So, who also directed the first A Christmas Story, was responsible for the latter’s direction.

Is A Christmas Story’s adaptation included in 8 Bit Christmas?

The narrative of Jake (Neil Patrick Harris) is told to his daughter, Annie, in HBO Max’s 8-Bit Christmas. So, which is based on the same-named novel by Kevin Jakubowski. Jake and his buddies tried to get a Nintendo for Christmas in 1988.

Is It Runs in the Family A Christmas Story’s follow-up?

The 1994 American comedy My Summer Story, initially titled It Runs in the Family. Also, was directed by Bob Clark as a follow-up to his 1983 film A Christmas Story.


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