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A couple from South Carolina catch scary footage of a tornado.

Many of us have so many experiences that we cannot ever forget, no matter how many years pass. Some of these experiences are about our happy times, whereas some are shocking. Some such shocking experiences 10 to stay with the throughout our journey in life. Well, one such experience of a couple is something they will not forget for quite some time. The couple who is getting very famous and the social media platform were stuck in the middle of a tornado. Aspataal reports this happened in South Carolina earlier this week. Talking about the experience is surely shocking. The entire experience was also caught on camera and spread on social media platforms.

They were driving in a pickup truck and documented the entire environment. Stephanie Cochran and her husband Marc are heading home to Allendale County. that is when they have to face this shocking experience. They found themselves completely stuck while driving through Stormy weather. The video that was caught on camera shows the high winds.

Also, the vehicles are battering, and many try to outrun the storm. The video also shows the formation of a tornado written in front of them. At 1 point in the video, you will also see Stephanie alerting her husband to be more careful. It is as if a huge tin film flies toward them because of the tornado. The couple is also emerging from all scenarios later in the video scene. Then there were laughs in confusion about what just happened to them.

The shocking video:

As soon as it was posted online, this video went instantly viral. It has got a tension among people from around the globe. Also, people facing such a similar experience were writing about it in the coming section of the post. We also have many social media users who were just scared watching the footage. Other people showed their concern and even slammed the couple because they were driving out in a storm. However, the couple later explained that they had landed in the situation. It was not anything like the plant before. “This is my parents that got caught in this. There is no shelter or protection on this road. It’s in the middle of nowhere,” a Twitter user named Tucker stated.

“They were trying to get home from work, and they were not looking for tornadoes. No cell phone service, and they could not hear the radio. They never got a warning,” their son said while replying to the Chief Meteorologist of WJCL News. While speaking to WLTX later, the couple spoke little about the incident. It happened when they were driving down highway 300 at Mathis Farms.

The couple’s reaction:

Stephanie later on also stated that they heard about possible tornadoes in the Allendale and Martin areas. However, the couple did lose their cell phone service before her sister could warn them. They have no idea about a storm upcoming in their town Ulmer. “We just know that he kept us focused and kept us safe with God’s guidance,” Stephanie stated. “We are blessed that only the back glass is shattered.” “This will be a story for us to tell our future grandchildren,” she further added. Many social media users watched the video, and I left completely amazed.

The post’s comment section is filled with comments from people around the globe. Also, many social media users praised the couple for staying calm and handling the situation well. Many people would have gotten scared after watching the huge tornado forming write in front of their eyes. The couple was really lucky to come back from it safe and sound.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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