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A heartwarming video! Emotional video of a little girl consoling her classmate!

Well, we often come across several videos which show us the true meaning of friendship, and also netizens always love a video that portrays true friendship. It is also true that it is common for many people to get very emotional when they see such videos and currently a young age girl is getting very viral on the internet because of it. At a very young age, she showed empathy for her friend, and people are just amazed by the fact that how maturely she handles a particular situation seen in the video.

Children surely face many twists and turns in their growing up age and many times they also come across many situations where they get super emotional. Well, a very sweet video shows something similar to it and you will surely want to watch it again and again. The video has been doing the rounds of the internet since it was available online. 

Well, in the video you can see a little young boy and a girl showing the true meaning of friendship and humanity and it is understandable if you couldn’t get enough of them. It is a video that will bring a smile to your face. 

Well at the beginning of the video you will see a very emotional young boy standing with tears in his eyes and surely the sight is heartbreaking. However, soon he was being adorably consoled by a little girl. The girl in the video seemed to be his friend and acted in a cute way to console the young boy. The cute little girl held his hand and talked to him to calm him down. The boy was missing his mother and in the video, the girl was very quick to talk to him and remind him that they would be visiting their families in April. 

She was seen saying, “Hum log jaayenge April main (We will go in April),” said the girl. “Aise nahi rona hai (Don’t cry like this),” and was constantly stroking the boy’s head to stop him from crying. The video was shared initially on a Twitter account by a user named Nima Khenrab. The caption added along with the video is, “Love is an innate trait of humans & not just an acquired quality. The power of love is that it’s contagious. Keep loving. Look at these kids from a school hostel in remote Tawang of Arunachal Pradesh consoling each other at times of adversity.” 

Everybody on the Internet truly fell in love with the video and it has now got more than 4000 views. People loved how the little girl was trying to console her young friend even though she was so young. A user wrote “So adorable! Responsible upbringing.” Another user said, “How sweet!”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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