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A holiday programme called Christmas Carole will star Suranne Jones!

For this new holiday film on Sky Max, Christmas Carole, leading British actress Suranne Jones gives Charles Dickens’s classic tale A Christmas Carol even another odd twist. Suranne portrays Carole Mackay, the famous figure in British commerce who has amassed wealth by selling holiday gifts online. Everyone calls her “Christmas Carole,” but she hasn’t understood the genuine spirit of the holiday because she isn’t charming, courteous, or kind. All of it is going to alter on Christmas Eve.

What is known so far about the Sky Original comedy Christmas Carole, which will be available on Sky Max in December 2022? Here is all the information for which you have been eagerly waiting for such a long time now.

Christmas Carole Release date

Sky Max will air Christmas Carole on December 19, 2022. It was announced at a Sky ‘Up Next’ event over the summer during a conversation between Suranne Jones and Claudia Winkleman. However, things could alter and be closer to Christmas Eve. We will update you when we learn more, along with the film’s US and international air dates.

The cast of Christmas Carole   

Suranne Jones shared a great deal of information on Christmas Carole during a recent Sky “Up Next” event in London in May 2022. Suranne informed us while seated next to a Christmas tree: “While filming Gentleman Jack, I promised myself that the next project I wanted to work on was a Christmas movie. A lot of actors want to cross it off their bucket lists. My agent and Sky then conversed, and they came up with the script for A Christmas Carol. So I’m the Scrooge guy, and A Christmas Carol has ghosts and everything else. There is also a type of Tiny Tim!

Christmas Carole -1

Additionally, our ghosts resemble previous, current, and future TV National Treasures. It’s humorous and will be a lot of fun. “I’m portraying Carole, who despises the holiday. She’s a miserable git, just like Ebenezer Scrooge! She’ll dress up, have gorgeous hair, and wear makeup. Even though it’s Christmas, we’re filming outside, which will be unusual.”

Following her role as Karen McDonald in Coronation Street, Suranne Jones featured in a There are other well-known British dramas, such as Vigil and Gentleman Jack. Her first holiday-themed drama is Christmas Carole. The only actor for Christmas Carole that has been announced so far is Suranne Jones. The Cratchits, ghosts, and everyone else are still to be cast. As more information becomes available, we’ll update this page with it.

We want to hypothesise about the three National TV icons who visit Carole for the time being. Our predictions are Simon Cowell as the Grim Reaper type at the end, Michael Paling, and Dame Judi Dench!

The plot of Christmas Carole   

Christmas Carole chronicles the busy life of Carole Mackay (Suranna Jones), an obnoxious and unlikable affluent businesswoman. She has an internet store where she sells holiday merchandise, which has helped her make a fortune and earned her the moniker “Christmas Carole.” “A yuletide story of our times, with allusions to Charles Dickens,” is how Sky characterises Christmas Carole.

Producers describe Carole Mackay (BAFTA-winning Suranne Jones), a wealthy entrepreneur who is unapologetically vocal, as follows: “Her internet business selling all things festive has won her a fortune, as well as the nickname “Christmas Carole.”

Christmas Carole -2

Other details:

But her success hasn’t improved her as a person. It has made her worse. The reality is that Carole is a ruthless person. Scrooge-like in every way. And she detests Christmas just like Ebeneezer did. However, Carole’s past, present, and future are about to converge this Christmas Eve. Will she learn the true meaning of Christmas with the aid of some somewhat recognisable Christmas spirits? “It has made her worse. Carole has transformed into a colossally nasty person. Despite having made her a fortune, she is similar to Ebenezer Scrooge in that she detests Christmas. However, on Christmas Eve, Carole’s past, present, and future come together as she receives visits from some well-known Christmas spirits (TV national treasures), who will attempt to guide her toward understanding the actual meaning of the holiday.

Anil Gupta and Richard Pinto, who have previously collaborated on projects including Citizen Khan and Goodness Gracious Me, wrote the comedy. Production will be by producer Gareth Edwards (Upstart Crow, Still Open All Hours), with Ian Fitzgibbon (The Tuckers, Hullraisers) serving as director. Christmas Carole is only one of the Sky programmes that were unveiled today. Other comedic formats that have been confirmed are the sitcom Romantic Getaway with Katherine Ryan and Romesh Ranganathan and the Sheridan Smith-starring series Rosie Molloy Gives Up Everything.


Will there be a sequel to the film A Christmas Carol?

A Christmas Story Christmas, featuring original star Peter Billingsley as Ralphie again, is the legendary holiday film’s sequel due to its popularity.

In the new Christmas song, who portrays Ebenezer Scrooge?

A 5,600-seat venue within the larger MSG complex is “The Theater at Madison Square Garden.” This year, Tim Curry, Frank ‘n Furter in Ebenezer Scrooge, will be played by “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Which Christmas Carol adaptation comes closest to the original?

Magoo’s Carol for Christmas (1962) Despite the older man’s apparent nearsightedness, the story’s beginning version is quite good. Except for a few artistic licences, it follows every significant development in Dickens’ novel.

What number of A Christmas Carol variations are there?

Beginning on the stage just after the turn of the 20th century, the visual adaptations of Charles Dickens’ 1843 novella also featured additional public readings and radio adaptations. The total number of variants is thus. 135!

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