Thursday, December 2, 2021

    A Japanese diplomat makes identical origami cranes for almost a year. His video goes viral!

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    Hisako Inagaki, The council general of Japan in Seattle takes the internet by storm by sharing his videos. He has got the attention of hundreds of social media uses and is now very well famous because of his origami creations. This Japanese diplomat has an Instagram account and he continuously posted origami cranes that he made every single day for almost here. He wishes for everyone’s health and peace in his videos and on Wednesday he shared the 355th origami crane that he made. 

    The caption of his Instagram post was “Today is my 355th day in Seattle. I have folded the 355th crane while praying for everyone’s health and peace.“Well, to make a note of The council general of Japan in Seattle has gone viral because of making all the origami cranes look exactly the same. Also, his sweet gesture for praying for everyone’s health and peace is what gave him the attention of so many social media users. Every one of his heartwarming posts is getting so many likes and comments now that some people have been appreciating him for his sweet gesture and the origami artwork that he makes every single time. Matt Knight started his creation and started sharing his videos on his Twitter account.

     He tweeted that “Everyday The council general of Japan in Seattle posts near-identical videos of himself saying today is [nth] day in Seattle. I have folded and [nth] crane while praying for everyone’s health and peace.” Well at the same time he also shared a string of screenshots from Hisao Inagaki’s official Instagram account. In the screenshot of his videos itself, you can see a huge similarity in all of his videos and the same kind of videos that he keeps posting for almost a year now. 

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    Matt Knight’s post has now gone viral with over 2K likes and also many social media account handlers have started sharing news about Hisao Inagaki and his origami creations. Comments on his videos and screenshot of his videos now and some of them include the details about the ancient practice of origami saying that the “Japanese legend of Senbazuru says that a person who follows a thousand origami cranes will be also granted a wish.”

    Some other people also stated that this is a kind of pure meditation and can really come to your heart and brain and bring peace to you if you perform it on a regular basis. The fact that this Japanese diplomat did the same thing for so many days and is continuing to do so without missing even a single day and having the same kind of video it’s truly amazing. Surely the Internet can bring you much amazing content and some unique talent that might amaze you.

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