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A little wanderer: Police catch a 6-months-old penguin wandering on the streets!

There are so many difficult things that cops have to face every now and then because of their jobs. It also includes chasing offenders who are on the run to keep everything right in the city. However in Hungary something totally different unexpected happens that is going very well on several social media platforms right now. Talking about the incident the police force had to catch not a runaway person but actually a runaway penguin. As per the reports the penguin fled from a local zoo which was located nearby and was roaming freely across the streets. 

A penguin wandering on streets!

According to the sources, the officers of the Budapest Police headquarters and the civil guards across a very unexpected case that is going literally so much viral right now. Well, the officers who were on duty in central Budapest Came across a young penguin roaming around the streets. This portrait of The penguin in the middle of night at 2:30 a.m. at Dózsa György út. As per the official statement given by the department it states,“As it would have been a long walk to Antarctica, they caught the bird, wrapped in a blanket, and handed over”. 

Also adding to the statement by the law enforcement agency, they jokingly wrote about the funny cute incident on their official website. We also got to see the amazing photos of the “adventurer who was in the mood for a dawn walk”. The statement also later clarifies that the police officers luckily rescued the penguin. Later they also safely handed the little wanderer to the local zoo. The Budapest Metropolitan Zoo and Botanical Garden is exactly the place from where the penguin escaped.

A penguin rescued:

Also as per the reports the offender in the question is actually named Sanyika. As per the statement the penguin is just 6 months old. “It may be news to some, but penguins become so curious at 4-6 months of age that they try to explore their environment as much as possible,” the zoo wrote on Facebook talking about Sanyika’s “voyage of discovery”. Also further in the statement they added that beautiful birds somehow manage to escape from this. It went outside and went around the streets exploring the city. Also to make sure to avoid such incidents happening next time in the zoo authority has now installed cameras. 

They also installed cameras so that they can closely monitor the penguin troops as they don’t want any other bird missing. Later on the zookeeper’s also added into the statement that they are trying best to keep an eye on the words. also they stated that the 6 month old penguin will be ensured that it “stays with the team during these curious times”. The tongue-in-cheek post is now going literally viral on so many social media platforms. All the social media users who came across the story were just thankful. Well, the penguin was back to the zoo safely. Also the internet was left in splits after coming across this story. 

There are also many social media users who are relating it with the Penguins of Madagascar. We can find literally so many drawing parallels about the story.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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