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A meme used by the central government to alert the public goes viral!

Previously we have seen so many posts from the police departments of different states spreading awareness. It is common that many government officials to use viral memes or posts in order to spread awareness. Also, it is a great way to keep people attracted towards their content and to reach out to more people. Well, one such step is taken by the central government and it is going so viral on the Internet today. Talking about it, the fact-checking team of the central government came up with this amazing meme to spread amazing news.

The fake news!

The fact-checking team wanted to notify more people on the Internet to not believe the bogus WhatsApp messages. As per the reports they stated that the Supreme Court has ordered banks to deposit old notes. It is of denomination Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and they do not have to go to the Reserve Bank of India. But there are so many misleading messages that are getting shattered across several social media platforms as per the reports. By defrauding the public the false message stated, “According to the new guidelines by Supreme Court, those who want to deposit old notes of denomination Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in the bank due to any reason, can do so without going to the Reserve Bank of India”.

 Slowly not only in WhatsApp but also it got spread on several other social media platforms. Many people started to believe it and the false message created a lot of confusion. According to this viral message, it states that the banks have the order to take in the old notes. It is all four days that is from February 29 to February 31 as per the fake message. It is also for the melt actions that no other details of your inquiry will be needed. Well, so you can actually deposit such notes without any inquiry is what the message States.

The meme spreading awareness:

 Nevertheless, the Press Information Bureau’s fact check handle came up with a statement for it. As per the statement, it says that the government has not made any such a decision. The fact-checking team wanted to spread the awareness and they said they took it to their official Twitter account. The post highlighted the misconception by making a mean from the very famous and trending SharkTank India. As per the nene you can read, “Main aapko sharminda nahi karna chahta but it is a joke”.

 Well it further states, “Beware of such fraudulent messages. There is no such scheme from the Government or Telecom Service Providers. Don’t share or forward such messages and also alert your family and friends,” as per the COAI tweet. Many such fake messages are circulating on several famous social media platforms. Well, many people also believe it and take the wrong steps that lead to a lot of trouble for others. Thus such fault messages especially the ones like this should not be circulated and if found should be reported. Many social media users who came across the post by the central government also praised the officials for such a great awareness post

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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