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A video of a young boy reporting Manipur CM’s visit goes viral and takes the internet by storm

A video of a young journalist grabbed the eyeballs of so many social media users because of his awesome reporting. Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh inaugurated several oxygen plans on Monday to boost the infrastructure of medical oxygen in Manipur. In the amid  covid-19 pandemic condition he inaugurated several plans in various districts and a video of a young journalist caught his attention on Tuesday. The Manipur CM’s attention was actually caught because of the young boy’s excitement when the CM helicopter arrived at his village and his awe-striking reporting which is going viral on several social media platforms. Well, the boy was reporting from a terrace overlooking a ground where the helicopter would land and he was informing his audience about the Manipur Chief Minister’s arrival and also how he will be inaugurating several oxygen plants with the help of the people in the nearby area. 

He also thanked the CM for the initiative and his continuous news reporting even when the helicopter made so much noise while landing is what got the CM’s as well as netizen’s attention the most. The young boy’s enthusiasm, excitement, and the way he delivered his speech were surely impressive and including Singh, many social media users applauded him for his reporting. 

The Manipur’s Chief Minister also posted the video of the boy on his official Twitter account and addressed the young man as his friend. He captained the video of the young boy with lines stating “Meet my young friend from Senapati who was reporting my visit to the district yesterday to inaugurate the PSA oxygen plant at Senapati district hospital.”

Video credit – N.Biren Singh

The CM had inaugurated oxygen plants in 3 districts of the state and the Three Processing Absorption ( PSA) plants were actually inaugurated in Chandel, Senapati, and Ukhrul districts respectively. They have the capacity of producing a hundred KL oxygen per minute ( LPM ) and they can refill around 200 D type oxygen cylinders daily. Reporting on the chief minister and the news on the inauguration of oxygen plants is surely something new. His video got commented on by many social media users and Twitter account holders where a comment reads “this young man made my day. Can stop smiling. Please appoint him as a junior ambassador of your state. He is already a star reporter. He will make a great brand ambassador for tourism to your state.” 

Other comments read how amazing reporting this young boy can do. Well, some others applauded him for the entertaining reporting and excitement that he showed in his video which reflected his love for his Homeland. Surely such cute videos can make someone’s day and can go viral at any time anywhere!



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