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A viral video from Singapore: Otters cross the road as if they are humans!

Otters in Singapore are now becoming famous worldwide. Everyone on the social media platforms is talking about them and their video is going so well. While talking about the video we can see how skillfully they are adjusting to modern city life. Seems like all the otters are loving the urban environment and are now adapting to the life of humans.  Recently a video clip showing all the otters crossing the roads in Singapore is going viral. It is becoming the talk of the town and people are loving the viral adorable video. Also, you will get to see the police officials helping the animals to cross the road.

Viral video:

 In the video clip which has been reportedly taken on a multilane road. It is outside Singapore’s presidential palace. The viral clip shows the police officials stopping traffic. Then the romp of otters are safely crossing over the road. Also as per the reports the animals who are seen in the video clip are Lutrogale perspicillata. They are famous for their velvety coats. Also according to the sources these animals are the largest species of otters in Southeast Asia. It is very much common to find otters in Singapore as they are spotted literally often. Well, for the people who are non-residents, this video clip surely is highly interesting and amazing to watch. 

The reports state that from the past few years, the population of otters is increasing. Well, especially in Singapore they are more found. Residents living there often post videos of these animals. Sometimes, scaling walls, lounging in the sun, carefully crossing roads, and even indulging in “gang wars”. Well, it seems like otters are just living and living their life in Singapore. Talking about it, on Friday, even Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also shared a video in which otters. In the video, you can see the otters crossing roads near the Istana. Also as per the reports the residence and office of Singapore’s president is near there.

Incidents with otters:

While sharing the adorable video, the Prime Minister was being grateful to the Istana staff for helping the animals. Most of the time, otters live peacefully with humans in Singapore’s urban environment. However, there are certain times when they have reportedly attacked humans too. 

Also, they even went ahead to encroach private ponds to hunt for expensive Koi fish. Most of the people keep them traditionally as pets in Singapore. Last year, Reuters stated that a British man sustained 26 wounds. Well, the reason behind this was him getting attacked by a bunch of otters in a park. However, it is not very common that anyone to be hurt by animals, especially otters and Singapore. There are also a bunch of Amazing adorable videos animals seem to be very happy living with humans in Singapore. Social media users who came across this developed a complete stand and also produced the police department for helping the animals to cross the road. Also, it is something that will be amazing and the people in the comment section of the post after were filling so many positive reviews about the video.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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