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A young boy promotes his father’s business in the most adorable way.

Social media platforms can help many people promote they are business brands. Many brands are also using several social media platforms to create pages and reach out to more people. Potential customers get attracted to famous brands to even the small startup companies. Many want to reach out to more potential customers in less time and spend less money. And social media is undoubtedly a great way to advertise their organisation. 

The story of this young boy who tried to post the video of his father’s haleem stall is going wildly viral. As per the reports, this boy and his father have a stall in Moti Nagar near Borabanda. the young boy wanted to advertise his father’s business, and he did it most humbly and straightforwardly. “Dekhiye yeh humare pappa baithe huye hai. Chicken ki haleem hai (See, this is my father at the stall. There is chicken haleem here),” the boy says, introducing his father, the stall owner.

The viral reporting:

 Later on, the young boy also pans the camera to show all the items on the cart. In the video, you will see many things, from dishes to white plastic boxes to pack food. The young boy also shows deep-fried onions and cashews that they use for garnishing. Later on, in the video, he even showcases the efforts to have good lightning having their particular setup. Talking to this young boy, who is identified as Mohammad Adnan, hr tried to help his father. 

According to the sources, his father has been running this business for four years now. The boy’s charming way of reporting the details about the business is catching a lot of people’s attention around the globe. The video has also melted hearts online and has gone a super-viral. It has gained a lot of Fame after a prominent social worker in the town, Azhar Maqsusi, shared the clip on his social media. “Isko bolte baap ka Sahara banana (This is what is called becoming father’s pillar of strength),” Maqsusi stated.

Reactions on social media:

 Soon, many social media users, including the famous food bloggers, decided to support the young boy. They started in the stall and also sad the reviews from there. Many local journalists shared the video to reach out to more people. People also encouraged others to stop by at the Alhamdulillah Chicken Haleem stall if they were in the area. Many people are also living in the nearby area who started turning up in big numbers. Many social media users are happy to know that the boy was helpful to his father.

 Well, social media users also hope that his father’s business grows more and becomes successful in the long run. The typical section of the post has so many comments showing their love for the young boy. He also got a lot of freshers from social media users who were super happy after not asking about his reporting style.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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