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A young boy sings “Bachpan ka Pyar”, and starts a new trend!

The Internet is a great place to bring out the people who have a hidden talent. Whether it’s singing, art or dancing, anything can just go viral within a few minutes. There are many people who just went viral within a few hours and their hidden talent came in front of everyone.

Many people such as “warrior aaji”(85 years old) who showed her impressive martial arts skills, singing talent of Ranu Mondal, or even 2-year-old Pragya Medha who’s cute voice made netizens awe, literally internet can make people famous irrespective of their age, gender, etc. Indeed when it comes to talent, social media users extend great support to all the people who have hidden talents.

The most recent video that went viral on the internet was the video of a little boy who was singing the song “Bachpan ka Pyar”, in front of his teacher. The video took the internet and netizens enjoyed it a lot and watched the video on loop.

This video was nothing but just a casual upload but it came into notice to many netizens and it became a new trend too. Many netizens and even celebrities started uploading reels of their own version of a ‘Bachpan ka Pyar. Many talented netizens also gave their own touch of music to this song sung by the boy.

The boy in the video is Sahadev Sang, and the video shooting took place in a school where the kid was also wearing a blue uniform and he sang in front of his teachers. The original video is on the Instagram page “patnahd”, which gained 5 million likes, 10 million views and is still counting.

The video caught the attention of many famous people such as Anushka Sharma, rapper Badshah, Rupali Ganguly, Rahul Vaidya, Disha Parmar, and many more. Rapper Badshah even added his own twist to this song. The famous comedian Bharti Singh also recorded her own version of this song and uploaded it on Instagram reels. Anushka Sharma said that the viral song was so addictive that it plays in her head even when she is trying to get a good night’s sleep! She shared on Instagram a funny meme indicating how her brain cannot stop replaying the song whenever she tries to sleep.cIt was even more surprising to see a US man named Ricky Pond dancing in a cute and funny way in the remix version of the song. He posted his hilarious video with a caption of ” not sure what I just did, just a little fun. Inspired by @abcddancefactory”. The netizens were very impressed and left many positive comments for Pond.

This video indeed gained a lot of attention from famous personalities and also a lot of netizens. The netizens have even started searching for the original song!

After such great attention by netizens and celebrities, and rapper Badshah giving his own twist to the song, which is, of course, a great thing, the video caught the attention of Chhattisgarh’s chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, who also felicitated the boy. The video of CM Bhupesh Baghel with Sahadev went viral in which Sahadev was singing Bachpan ka Pyar in front of him. The video posted by the chief minister itself went viral, and it took the internet.

Even on Tuesday, Mumbai police official Twitter included one of the lyrics of the song and spread the awareness of cybersecurity in a quite funny way. They shared “What’s your Bachpan ka Pyar a secret? Then the password might still be safe. Just add a few special characters to it!”. Indeed they tried to spread awareness in a funny way!

Surely the little boy took the internet and netizens are enjoying it a lot!



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