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Justice Served in ‘The Equalizer 3’

Despite the circumstances, there is always room in the theatre for Denzel Washington tossing about evil dudes, whether he is stuffing a bomb up a man’s butt in Man on Fire, shooting his rivals in the face in American Gangster, or defending The Book of Eli.
He made his dramatic acting debut as Robert McCall in The Equalizer (2014), a no-holds-barred action romp that spawned a sequel, both of which received favourable reviews and generated significant box office receipts.

When Will You See It in Theatres ?

Five years after the original sequel, on September 1, 2023, The Equalizer 3 will debut. Director Antoine Fuqua announced plans to extend the series shortly after the second film’s release. I’d really like for it to happen, he said, according to Cinema Blend. The public has spoken, after all, so maybe it will live a long and prosperous life.
“Sony has mentioned it and spoken about it. A second attempt would be fantastic. A second attempt with Denzel would be fantastic. If it occurs, I’m excited about The Equalizer 3. According to Washington, production on the film is set to begin in 2022, with Emancipation cinematographer Robert Richardson.


Equalizer 3 Star Cast

Robert McCall will make a comeback in The Equalizer 3. Denzel Washington. Along with that, he’ll re-team up with Dakota Fanning, who will play an unspecified part in the film.
The Equalizer 3’s supporting cast also consists of:

The following people are also mentioned: Sonia Ben Ammar, Remo Girone, Andrea Dodero, Eugenio Mastrandrea, Andrea Scarduzio, Salvatore Ruocco, Daniele Perrone, and Gaia Scodellaro. Washington discussed getting back into action star shape for the threequel with Collider in March 2022. He remarked, “I’m scheduled to do the third Equalizer, which they have written.
I need to get in shape in order to start beating people up. I get to abuse individuals once more. After watching Macbeth the Tragedy, some people were assaulted. No way it could get any better, right? Fuqua discussed how the decision to cast Fanning came about during an interview with The Beard and the Bald Movie Podcast. He remarked, “I believe I was speaking to Denzel; we were just talking on the phone about [The Equalizer 3] and Man on Fire came up, talking about [late director Tony Scott].
“Dakota came up and I was like, ‘How old is Dakota now?’ We had talked about how his birthday was approaching, I think.
That’s sort of how it happened, and when I met her, I fell in love with her the moment I set foot in the room. Even though she’s a fantastic performer, when you get to know her, you realise how amazing she really is.
In the third installment of The Equalizer, there are several different plots. What is the topic ? There are no official story specifics for The Equalizer 3, but it’s likely that Robert McCall will be on the prowl for a new conspiracy or gang, and that it will take place in Europe.
Earlier, Fuqua said to Cinema Blend, “I would love for it to take place worldwide, and I believe Denzel would be a wonderful James Bond-type figure. We discuss a wide range of topics together, including [Denzel].
“I’m working on certain stuff, and I have roles I want him to play. That’s how it usually goes with him. I’m seeing him as a cowboy or something before I need to pitch it.

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