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Aditya Chopra rejects deal with Amazon Prime video which worths around 400 crores, know why ?

The spread of coronavirus has caused a lot of loss for many people such as normal shopkeepers and mall theatres as they were closed for a long time. Now as the theatres were closed many opted for OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to continue the entertainment in their life by watching movies and web series. At first, people took time but now most of them have been feeling comfortable with the auditor platforms and thus the number of people visiting the theatre has decreased now. Many movie producers and many big production companies started to note the rise in the use of OTT platforms. The production companies also started to sell their movies directly to the OTT platform and thus the theatre faced a huge loss. Every movie started to premiere on OTT platforms and people also started paying a monthly price for the OTT platforms as people thought that this would be more comfortable than visiting theatres. 

From Salman Khan to Ajay Devgan to Akshay Kumar, this pandemic has made these Bollywood movies get released on digital platforms. But yet the director-producer Aditya Chopra has still not released any of his films on the auditor platforms and has kept pushing the premiere date of his films. Aditya Chopra has also held the release of several of his projects which include Prithviraj, Bunty Aur Babli 2, Shamshera, and Jayeshbhai Jordar. Aditya has held this release of the movies for over 18 months. Well, that doesn’t mean that the OTT platform has not offered him. Many great OTT platforms have offered many hefty and big offers but the producer and the chairperson of Yash Raj film studios have turned down all the offers that were given to them by these OTT platforms.

According to the sources of Bollywood Hungama, it has been known that these great auditor platforms are ready to collaborate with Aditya and have also provided many great deals. The source further added that Aditya Chopra was clear with his thought that all the Yash Raj films deserve to be premiered on the big screen in theatres and thus he turned down all the offers. The souls also said that Amazon prime videos offered a great amount of Rs. 400 crores to the producer for all the four films they are planning to release but the producer formally rejected all the offers and didn’t have any second thought about this. 

According to the source, Aditya Chopra was not ready to sell the big-ticket Magnum opus such as Shamshera and Prithviraj, show some of the auditor platforms tried to get all the small budget films like Bunty Aur Babli 2 and Jayeshbhai Jordar, but even without thinking twice, he rejected all the offers. The source also made a statement that the producer didn’t even sell duds like Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar, there is no chance that he will also give away the projects like Jayeshbhai and Bunty Babli. The source also said that it is out of the question that he will sell the projects like Jayeshbhai and Bunty Babli. So now it is final that all the Yash Raj films project will be released in theatres once the cinema halls reopen in Maharashtra and also the premiere dates will be announced soon. 

It is surprising to see that Aditya Chopra has rejected the great offer by Amazon Prime video as many great films such as Salman Khan’s Radhe and Ajay Devgan’s Bhuj has been released directly on the digital platform but Aditya Chopra was stood strong at his thought and decided to release all the Yash Raj films movies directly in theatres.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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