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Adorable Video: A toddler performs on Chaka Chak doing the steps and expressions ditto!

Well, for the people who love the videos of a baby showing they are excellent in us, this video is undoubtedly for you to watch. Many people love spending their free time entertaining themselves by watching cute toddlers’ videos. They are adorable, but sometimes they tend to shock so much that the video goes viral often. Well, once a video from India of a baby goes so viral that people cannot just get enough of it. 

Thanks to the adorable move that the baby makes, people go crazy about it now. One of the recently released movies from the Bollywood industry that made it to the headlines was Atrangi Re. The movie showing Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush’s Atrangi Re in the lead roles got a lot of mixed reviews from all the fans and watchers of the movie. The film has also got a lot of different types of responses, especially for one particular song in the film. Yes, we are talking about the song Chaka Chak. 

The adorable performance:

Well, this song picturised majorly on Sara became a significant hit, and that is among her fans and followers upon the release, many people loved it. The song is creating a whole new trend, and people are going crazy about it. Also, the craze for this fantastic song and its music is something that people cannot stop listening to. You will find many videos of several social media users grooving to this fantastic song. Well talking about it in this video of one order dancing to it is something that will catch your attention.

The highlight of this video is that it has got more than 1 million views now. The videos were initially posted on the platform Instagram. The Instagrammer named Avyanna Keneisha came up with this fantastic adorable video. The cutie patootie who was saint dancing in the video is standing on an LCD screen. She is seen copying each step of a Sara Ali Khan ditto so that it will surely melt your heart. The toddler is also showing unique expressions at each step Perfectly. Well, it is unique for a kid of her age. Many social media users came across this video or are absolutely in love with her.

Reactions to the video:

 Also, many point out her unique expressions and dance moves. Some people are sharing this video to spread her adorableness widely. “Don’t miss seeing her expression till the last part (sic),” reads the caption of this cute video. Of course, many social media users got addicted to this baby’s unique moves and expressions. The post’s comment section is filled with so many excellent comments from people around the globe. You might also find several words like “cute”, “sweet”, and “amazing” in the standard section of this fantastic post. Talking about the viral video, it is great to see how little kids can impress so many people because of their cute talent.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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