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After JoJo Siwa called her rude in a TikTok video, Candace Cameron Bure claims she was “shocked” to hear it?

After the actress-singer called out the “Full House” star in a recent TikTok video, all is OK between Candace Cameron Bure and JoJo Siwa.

In a TikTok video that Siwa shared on Sunday, she revealed a collection of quick celebrity confessions, including the “rudest celebrity” she had ever encountered. For the “rudest celebrity” category of the six-second video, Siwa displayed a picture of Bure on her phone screen.

On Tuesday, Bure used Instagram to respond to Siwa’s video and convey that the incident had been addressed. She disclosed that an encounter between her and Siwa on a red carpet several years ago served as the motivation for the 19-year-confession.

Why Jojo Siwa insulted Candace Cameron Bure?

Siwa’s TikTok video, which has received 19 million views so far, utterly caught Bure off guard, according to Bure. Bure stated, “I was stunned when I saw the TikTok on Sunday and had no idea where it originated from. I immediately reached out to Siwa through a mutual friend, her publicist, and direct messaging. I was unaware of what had occurred.

Siwa claimed that she felt ignored by the Emmy-nominated actress when she attended the red carpet premiere of Bure’s Netflix comedy “Fuller House,” according to Bure, who said she was able to call Siwa on Tuesday morning and the two had a “wonderful discussion.”

I met you at the Fuller House premiere when I was 11 years old, and we were all on the red carpet. I had come up to you and asked, “Can I have a picture with you?” and you said to me, “Not right now,” and then continued to do what you were doing and take pictures with other people on the red carpet,” Bure recalled of Siwa’s justification.

Bure claims Siwa admitted to her that she didn’t consider the video’s impact when she shared it. I didn’t expect this would become popular and get picked up by them, said Bure. I didn’t think it was a huge deal because it was such a ridiculous TikTok trend.

Does Candace Cameron Bure comment on the video of JoJo Siwa?

Siwa assured Bure that the incident is “really not a big issue” because she knows the circumstances as an adult, but Bure claimed that she still feels awful about what happened. “I didn’t take a photo with you; I crushed your 11-year-old heart. I feel awful, ugh.” Bure claimed to have told Siwa. I apologize so much, JoJo.

The two continued to converse, Bure said, and expressed their “delight for one another in that we are both happy, encouraging people.” I told JoJo how much I’ve always admired her and how she’s been a good role model for me because of her optimism throughout her entire life and career. She responded by saying she still enjoys watching “Full House” and does so to get to sleep “So we had all the feels, and it was all good, and there is no drama,” Bure said.

“No matter how many followers you have, even a 10-second trending TikTok video can do damage because our words matter and our deeds matter,” Bure continued, calling the online turmoil a reminder of the significance of being “mindful” of what people post on social media.”

She didn’t want to take a photo with me at the afterparty, and I was fine with that. The fact that she was taking pictures with other kids when I turned around and glanced back is what really, truly infuriated me.”

Siwa called the event “one of those memories” that had stayed with her throughout the years. I believe we’ve all experienced that moment when someone says something to you when you’re young and you simply never forget it for the rest of your life, and I feel like this was that moment for me, she said.

According to Siwa, Bure and her recently spoke on the phone for roughly ten minutes. She said, “She apologized and we talked and it was cool.



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