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Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar and Sanjiv Rajput finished without getting a medal

Indian shooters who went for the Tokyo Olympics, Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar and Sanjiv Rajput failed to qualify for the finals for the men’s 50m rifle 3 positions event. The Indian players try their best for it. Tomar finished 21st in the qualification Sanjeev was in 32nd position in Asaka shooting range. Thus Indian shooting returns to the country without a medal for the second straight time in the whole Olympics history. 

Tomar shot a total of 1167 with 63 inner 10s in the qualification and Rajput shot 1157 with 55 inner 10s. This was the third time Rajput was making an appearance in the Olympics. The overall cut was at 1176 and thus it was not enough for the Indian shooters to get the medal for the country. Only the top 8 athletes qualified for the final round and the others returned back. Russian Olympic committee Sergey Kamensky was the first in the qualification round with 1183 which is around 78 X points and China’s Changhong Zhang also scored 1183 points but with 67 X that made him second in the list.

Aishwary Pratap Singh Tomar got off to a flying start as he aimed at 99 and 100 in the first two series and proceeded with a good 98 and again a perfect 100. At the same time veteran Sanjeev Rajput in 96 and 99 in the first two series followed with the decent 95and 97 in the upcoming one.

 In the prone position series, Tomar had a good start with the 98 and 99 in the first two series and the 20-year-old didn’t land any perfect score in prone. Bihar two consecutive 97 which decreases this position from the top 15. Sanjiv and 97 and a perfect 100 with two consecutive 98s and was in the top 20 list. Pratap in the position ground was with the below-average score of 95 which however increased to 96 but then again dropped to a poor 93 in the third. 

Aishwary finished with 95 in his hands but it was very late for the Indian shooter to gain any ground and they lost the match there and there itself. The 40-year-old player failed to replicate the success that he got in the previous round in standing position as he had 94,93, 95, 95 and he was outside the top 30 in the 39 players field. However, at the end of the game both of them tried their best to get back to the highest position and to lead the game but their performance was a roller coaster ride. Both the players did not qualify for the medal event’s further round and returned back without a medal this time too.



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