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Netizens troll Anu Malik for copying Israel’s national anthem in his 1996 song “Mera Mulk Mera Desh”

Taking inspiration from other singers or old songs is the nature of singers and musicians. Nowadays singers and other music artists love to modify and add spice to old songs or take inspiration and make their new one. It’s only good until the music is just inspired but not completely copied. 

On August 1st Israel won a gold medal and while the Israel flag rose in honor of gymnast Artem Dolgopyat, Israel’s National anthem “Hatikvah” started playing in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Although it was the best day for Israel, Indian netizens noticed something which linked it to Anu Malik.

Now you may be thinking what’s the connection between Anu Malik and Israel’s national anthem. The National anthem of Israel had a resemblance to that of Anu Malik’s “Mera Mulk Mera Desh ” song from the movie Dijale of 1996.

After the netizens started noticing the similarities they trolled Anu Malik and trended Anu Malik on Twitter for copying Israel’s national anthem. The reason everyone trolled him was that Samuel Cohen composed “Hatikvah” around the 19th century. It got accepted as the National anthem of Israel in 1948. Whereas Anu Malik “composed” the song, Mera Mulk Mera Desh, in 1996. So it became so obvious that he copied the whole tune of a country’s national anthem to make a Bollywood song.

Twitter started trolling Any Malik and started making memes about him about his obvious behavior. On YouTube, the song’s comments section is also filled with hilarious comments and people criticizing the fact that he copied the song from the Israeli national anthem.

Here are some of the hilarious responses of netizens:

  • “So, Anu Malik didn’t spare even Israeli national anthem while copying tune for Diljale’s Mera Mulk Mera Desh in 1996. Thanks to the Internet we now know this”
  • “The national anthem tune has some familiarity to the Indian song… Mera Mulk Mera Desh?? Or is it just me?”
  • “Anu Malik copying the National anthem of a country to make a Bollywood song is so Anu Malik!”
  • “Here is another example of how Bollywood has been fooling its audiences with duplicity. This so-called singer Anu Malik had not spared even the National anthem of a nation while copying. He blatantly clearly copied Israel’s national anthem “Hakitvah”.
  • “Anu Malik ne Israel ka national anthem bhi churaya hua hai. kya aadami hai yaar. G.O.A.T “
  • ( Anu Malik has even copied the national anthem of Israel. What a man he is. [Greatest Of All Time])
  • “Israel won their second-ever gold at Olympics and Indians ended up remembering Anu Malik”
  • “Anu Malik copied Israel’s National anthem for his song? Choron ke bhi usool hote hain Anu Ji” ( Even thieves have principles, Anu Ji)
  • “Mera Mulk is COPIED! Bollywood copied Israel’s National anthem tune, this is the next level….. Anu Malik!”
  • “Bollywood should start giving “Best Music Copying” awards. 80 to 90% Bollywood will be in competition. Anu Malik will end up getting a “lifetime achievement award” for copying.”
  • “Anu Malik deserves gold for plagiarism”

It’s been around 40 years now Anu Malik has started composing music and he copies most of his music from other musician’s works. He “composed”  many songs which seem similar to other musicians. Some of the songs which are been allegedly plagiarized by Anu Malik are:

  • “Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar” from the film “Akele hum akele Tum” of the year 1995, which is the same as the theme song of the film “The Godfather” released in 1971.
  • “Neend churai meri” from the film “Ishq” of the year 1997, is a copy of “sending all my love” by Linear.
  • “Yeh Kali Kali Aankhen” from the movie “Baazigar” is the same as “yeke yeke” by Mory Kanté.


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