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All about the Olympic 2021 ceremony to know about now!

The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic game Opening ceremony will be conducted on Friday, July 23rd, in Tokyo. The opening ceremony will be conducted in the National Stadium, which is the main Olympic stadium. This is the first time that the Olympics have been skipped and rescheduled. 

But due to covid-19 restrictions, a large number of spectators are not allowed, resulting in an almost empty stadium. Instead, a live broadcast is scheduled. NBC had a live morning broadcast of the opening ceremony around 8 p.m. in Japan ( i.e, 4:30 PM IST) and it is the first time that a live morning broadcast of the opening ceremony event will be scheduled. The life will be broadcasted on the NBC Sports app and also on the NBC Olympics website (

 Also, NBC will schedule some additional broadcasts of the event. Fans in India can also watch the opening ceremony on TV channels like Sony ten 2, sony six. The closing ceremony will be held on the 8th of August at the same venue.

The highlights of the ceremony:

The main highlight of this opening ceremony is the parade of nations. The parade of nations included athletes from all over the countries who wore a characteristic dress. This year India’s legendary boxer Mary Kom and Manpreet Singh, captain of the Indian men’s hockey team are chosen as India’s flag bearers for the opening ceremony. It is really a proud moment as this will be the first time that the country will represent two flag bearers. 

In addition to this, other 70 cabinet-level officials are ready to visit Japan. Some world leaders such as Emmanuel Macron (President of France), Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene ( prime minister), and Jill Biden (First lady of the US).

The changes in the opening ceremony:

Due to covid-19 restrictions, a large number of spectators are not allowed and hence the Olympic stadium in Tokyo will be almost empty. And hence NBC has decided to show a live broadcast of the opening ceremony on their official website on their official app.

If we talk about other changes in Olympics 2021 some new things got added such as new competitions including 3 X3, freestyle BMX, Madison cycling, and also the return of baseball and softball since 2008.

There are around 11000 athletes from 206 countries who are expected to participate in around 33 sports of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. India will present 20 of its athletes at the opening ceremony. The Indian representatives will have 20 athletes from which there are 8 boxers, 4 table tennis players, 4 sailors and Bhavani Devi (fencing), Sajjan Prakash (swimming), Pranati Nayak (gymnastics), and Manpreet Singh (hockey). In this opening ceremony, India will be 21st out of 205 contingents for the parade of nations. 

Although because of covid-19 the fans will not be able to see the opening ceremony and enjoy the games by watching it live, as NBC has a great solution for this by broadcasting the ceremony live, now the fans all around the world can enjoy watching the opening ceremony.



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