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Know about the Tokyo Olympics 2021 update regarding the archers Deepika Kumari and Atanu Das.

In Tokyo Olympics 2021 we have seen that Pravin Jadhav finished 31st in the men’s individual archery ranking round whereas Atanu gets the 35th spot in the individual archery ranking round. Tarundeep Rai finished 37th position and ended with 652 points in the field. The world record holder Brady Ellison scored 682 in the men’s individual archery round representing the USA and the youngest Archer Kim Je Deok who is 17 years old finished on top in the qualification. 

source = yandex

Deepika Kumari finished 19 women’s individual ranking round, while 20-year-old Korean prodigy An San topped the qualification round. The Olympic record score was 680. Kang Chae Wong finished third with 675 points in the Korean top 3 qualifications round. At the same time, Jang Minhee finished second for the Koreans with 677 points. Deepika shot perfect 10s with her 72 arrows. In the qualifying, round archers have 72 arrows which are shot  70 meters away in 12 series of six arrows. A San was able to defeat India in the final of the Tokyo test event in 2019 by shooting 36 10 s and x.

Atanu Das and Tarundeep Rai from India got 9th place in both the men’s team as well as mixed team rankings. Where the challenges also increase as both men’s team and the mixed team mostly will be facing Korea in the quarterfinals. Talking about the individual rankings of the three Indian archers, well it finished out of the top 30. Debutant Pravin Jadhav was way ahead of the experienced Atanu Das in the number of counts and both had scores of 329. Das had a 35th place finish, Tarundeep Rai who made an appearance in the Olympics took the 37th spot. 

Countries looking forward to the power couple Deepika and Das for the mixed power competition that is set for an Olympic debut on Saturday. The men’s trio performance was able to finish inside the top 10 at a total of 1967 points, receiving ninth place in the first Olympic appearance since London 2012. However, the Indian men trio was behind the top-ranked Korea which had 2049 points. The Indian mixed team was also 9th with 131 points. Among the Indian men’s performance, Rai was seen ranking more points. 

Jadhav was more consistent of the three going between 53 and 56 and a particular round. He will be facing Russian Galsen Bazarhapov whereas Das will Yu-Cheng Deng of China and Rai will take on Oleksii Hunbin of Ukraine in the opening elimination round. Deepika scored 334 points in Tokyo. Well, she was 3 performing well going to the sixth position after shooting a 58. But her previous score was 54 in the last two which put her back as she finally received 329 points in the last 6 rounds. Deepika will be facing Bhutan’s karma in the first elimination round.



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