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All of Us are Dead: is there a season 2 happening?

Netflix never fails to come up with amazing shows and movies for us. Well, One such one of the most loved shows is All of Us are Dead. The show is not only famous worldwide but is also Netflix’s big new Korean hit. Well, as per the reports the season one got the #1 series. It was in almost all the 50 countries last week. Also, talking about it even if it hasn’t quite made it that high in the US. Nevertheless the show may not come to an end of its run. If you have watched the series, surely you would want to know much more about its upcoming season. If you have not watched All of Us are Dead then surely go for it. Well all the fans may be wondering about the release date. 

That is we are talking about the release date for season 2. If you want to know the latest updates regarding the season, read the article below. We know the huge fan following of the show is always waiting. That’s why we have brought the latest updates to you by this article. Season 2 of the show might happen; many are expecting it to happen real soon. Well, as season 1 millions of hearts around the globe there is high expectation to have a season 2. Also fans are requesting the creators to actually think about it. 

All of Us are Dead

All of Us are Dead: release date and details about season 2!

Talking about a new season it is to date and clear to us. We do not know if that was actually thinking about bringing us a season 2 of the show. It is definitely going to renew the show and many sources claim that Netflix is thinking about it. However there is no official news or updates obtained by the platform. The show that all of us are there might come up for season 2 in the first place. However it is as big as from the fans’ side. As the show is a big head many are thinking for it to come up with more seasons. 

There are different obstacles in the way of the creators to come up with more seasons for sure. one of the biggest barriers that the creators will be facing as the source material. We know that the show is actually coming from an existing webtoon comic. The comic has come to an end now. Talking about one more season in the future the writers have to come up with new content. We will actually have to go through a lot of scratch material. Well also we know that the core concert is revolving around teenagers. So the plot line is going to be totally tough to move forward. talking about another issue for the creators: the budget. 

The show All of Us are Dead, surely is a high budget show. There is actually a massive amount of work and money that is into season 1. Thus if they are making a season 2 it is going to be more costly and impressive. The swarms of rabid zombies creation is actually no joke and is expensive. Well, talking about it, the show All of Us are Dead is a hit. It was a complete success and it is big enough that Netflix can actually come up with season 2. 

The creators can actually think about an investment. It is for the upcoming season because of the success rate of the show. Also post-season 1 no one from the show actually spoke about season 2. Usually actors and the creators give a slight hint about having upcoming seasons. Also showrunners come up with stitching ideas for season 2 by the end of season 1. As there is no news regarding the season officially , we do not know what is going to happen. 

All of Us are Dead Season 2: plot line and what is going to happen?

In season 1 we came to know about the storyline of the entire show. It revolves around a bunch of teenagers who are trying to escape from my high school. it will be over by the time season 2 ends. Maybe we can know more about the plot line in season 2 if it ever comes out. Talking about several other shows by Netflix , the Squid game. Well, for it too Netflix did not even officially confirm anything about the season 2. Despite the fact that the show was actually a blockbuster. Well we do not know if they are coming up with a new season for it. 

That is already a long time crossed after the end of the squad game but still we do not know anything about it. Also in All of Us are Dead, the ending was completely different as compared to the webtoon. In the original webtoon, Nam Ra actually got a bit of a Happy ending. However in the webtoon you also saw that she was happily living with her friends at the end. Where is also a slight hit shown in the and. 

That is an open-ended bit showing the virus has now spread to Japan. Talking about the show we saw Nam Ra living in the wild with other intelligent half-zombies. They were just like her, and there are no hints about where the virus is spreading. Thus there is a fifty-fifty chance that season 2 of this Korean series will happen. As in the webtoon which can also have a chance of seeing the virus spreading in Japan. We might get to see a Japanese cast. The plot line can also change, having more new adventures and obstacles and the story. We might get to see the surviving characters we already know. 

However nothing is sure yet regarding season 2. There is a very slight amount of information available from the sources about season 2. Also not many are sure whether a season 2 of the show is happening or not. Thus, we do not know any information regarding the official Netflix release date. Well, everyone is being unusually quiet regarding it. However all the fans from around the globe hope to see season 2 of the show real quick.

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