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Along with other netizens, industrialist Anand Mahindra also shares pictures on Twitter. Know the details here!

Anand Mahindra is indeed a famous industrialist, who has been active on his Twitter account a lot. He has been a well-renowned social media user now and also is often seen sharing many viral videos and pictures on his official social media accounts. His followers love the huge list of interesting photos and videos that he has started on Twitter and often wait for any update from the famous industrialist.

 All interesting photos and videos are the most trending ones on Twitter and such a post by him which was made recently on unexpected food creativity again takes the internet by storm. He often shares a lot of amazing content on microblogging sites to share interesting trivia or he even uses the platform to acknowledge hidden talents and appreciate them. The famous 66-year-old industrialist shared a viral picture of idlis which were made on an ice cream stick. This food creativity comes from Bengaluru and thus Anand Mahindra praised the state by calling it “India’s innovation capital”.

Anand Mahindra shared a picture where you can see that the idlis were kept on ice cream sticks. The classic combo of Idlis with sambhar and coconut chutney has always been loved by many netizens. Thus this Idlis in ice cream sticks were also served with the same dips. Along with sharing the viral pictures Anand Mahindra wrote on his Twitter account, “Bengaluru, India’s innovation capital can’t stop its creativity from manifesting itself in the most unexpected areas Idli on a stick—sambhar & chutney as dipsThose in favour, those against (sic).” 

Very often you get to see people trying out their creativity on food and several ingredients to create a new version of an already existing food and this particular dish was loved by many netizens who came across that. The internet reacted amazingly to the dish and many social media users were also seen praising the innovation, whereas some netizens were not that happy with it.

 A user wrote, “Sir Idli innovation was Yuck for me. Like this One pls let the food/dish remain as if it is real taste, delicious. Don’t ruin them. Your thoughts Sir??? (sic),” and shared a few pictures of Maggi Mirch and Maggi Milkshake. Both the new versions of Maggi, that is the Maggi Mirchi and Maggi milkshake, were trending a few days back and many netizens just hated the idea of having Maggi inside chillies or placing maggies on their favourite drinks and milkshake. Well, there are many who also thought that Idlis are supposed to be eaten by hands and placing them with ice cream sticks was not that pleasing to a few people.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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