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Amanza Smith, star of ‘Selling Sunset,’ is ‘absolutely’ not dating Zac Efron.

Zac Efron’s love life has always been in the spotlight. And once again, Zac Efron’s love life has generated some buzz on all the social media platforms this week, when the actor posed along with Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith in a group photo which was taken of them with Tarek El Moussa, his wife Heather Rae Young, UFC announcer Bruce Buffer, and Smith’s Selling Sunset co-star Mary Fitzgerald. 

Well the fans were in a doubt as Smith and Efron appeared coupley in the shot. This led into a huge discussion on the actors’ love lives on all social media platforms. Well the fans started shipping the duo just because they looked like a couple in the photos which were posted on social media platforms. The photos started trending on the internet, and as the people started shipping them, the news started hitting headlines. But according to the reports of multiple sources, it has been now confirmed that they are not a couple in real life. While Zac Efron is currently single, Amanza Smith is not. According to the reports, it is known that Smith is “dating a pro soccer player from overseas… and is head over heels, as she’s indicated herself.”

Zac Efron lastly dated Australian waitress and model Vanessa Valladares for around 10 months. Their breakup was then confirmed on April 20. The breakup news was confirmed by Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands after tabloids began reporting that things had ended. The news then hitted all the headlines and became sensational talk at that time.

“Well, it’s not just The Daily Telegraph [reporting the breakup],” Sandilands started saying on his radio program The Kyle and Jackie O Show. “I can also confirm after speaking with him yesterday. Because I heard the rumors. Well, I heard a rumor around that you know that Netflix show they’re going to do in Byron… the Byron Bae girls, there was a rumor going around, which was bullshit, that Zac was trying to pull strings to get Vanessa on that show. And that’s what I rang him about. It’s stupid [the rumor he’d need to pull strings], but anyway, yeah, he was like, ‘Aw, bro, you know, like, yeah, no, we’re not’—it’s only recent, but not like yesterday recent. But they’ve gone their separate ways. [There was] no drama. It’s done. He’s back to work. They had spent a lot of time with each other when he wasn’t working, you know, lunching and living in the mansions on the beach; it’s a fabulous life. Then work comes back and kicks you straight back into reality. So it’s a shame but it’s not a rumor. It’s for sure true.”

Amanza Smith said that when she first got divorced from former NFL player Ralph Brown, with whom she shares daughter Noah and son Braker, now 12 and 10, she took whatever jobs she could take up all the responsibility and can take care of the kids. She went through all the struggles as she didn’t get the child support.

“When I got my divorce, I cleaned houses, I worked at BCBG retail, I was walking dogs. I did every odd job I could to make money to support my kids because I wasn’t getting child support,” she explained. “So that misconception really bothered me. Still to this day, people who don’t know my story know I have two kids and their dad was an NFL player. But they probably just don’t know how hard I worked. They don’t know what we’ve been through.”

But currently, it seems that things have been working out for Smith so far though, as she is a successful realtor with the now-famous Oppenheim Group and “Selling Sunset” is also scheduled to return for a fifth season

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