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Amazing video: Freestyle skier Marcus Eder completes the ultimate run.

Surely social media is a platform that shows us some of the most amazing jaw-dropping videos that we would ever find anywhere else. Well, currently such a video of an Italian skier is taking the internet by storm because of his amazing skin skills. An Italian freestyle skier named Markus Eder left netizens amazed and the video of him completing the amazing ‘the ultimate run’ will surely make your day. 

If you are looking for videos that can make your day much more entertaining then this is the right place for you.  In the video you can see a man skiing from the peaks of Switzerland’s Zermatt town and the breathtaking landscape is itself enough for making this video so amazing. Well, the skier in the video is maneuvering through ice caves, crevasses and slopes very smoothly.

The video lasts for a very short time as it is just a 10-second clip which is named ‘The Ultimate Run’ and features the Olympian’s skiing skills. The stunning snow-capped terrain shown in the video is truly remarkable. Eder spoke to saying, “The Ultimate Run finally allowed me to showcase all my skiing in one edit, film my home resort of Klausberg in one top-to-bottom run, and finally shoot all the spots I’d been dreaming of for years.” The video was recorded over two years. It was done by Innsbruck-based company Legs of Steel. The video then was available on RedBull’s official YouTube page, showing all the extremities of Zermatt. 

The 31-year-old skier in the video traverses the breathtaking snow-covered mountains. From steering through glacial blocks along with a few snowy caves to jumping off the high ice cliffs, the skier seems to nail skiing at every place shown in the video. He is successful in displaying his advanced skiing skills making the video super crazy viral now. As per the website, the skier and his crew members went on a trip for over two years, where they have been traveling to many locations including many high alpine peaks. 

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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