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Amitabh Bachchan’s jewelry ad made netizens laugh out loud!

To make the advertisement more appealing and attractive for people, photoshopping the ads has become common in this generation. So generally it is not unusual for Photoshop and special effects to be used for advertisements. Well indeed for photoshopping the skillful person is necessary. If the photoshopping of the ads is not done well, the flaws show up and are spotted by eagle-eyed social media users and it creates a huge feast of jokes online. Recently, a similar case happened in a recent print ad that involved Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan and now people can’t unsee this hilarious error in the photoshopped ad.

In a recently published newspaper ad for a jewelry company, the brand ambassador, Amitabh Bachchan was seen posing with another female star, Pooja Sawant, to promote the wedding collection of the jewelry brand. Well if you are wondering what went wrong in this newspaper ad, it’s not about the design of the product or the aesthetics. The thing that caught the attention of the Twitter user was the faulty editing. 

In this ad, Amitabh Bachchan was seen embracing Pooja Sawant to portray a father-daughter duo for the ad. But the odd thing is that his hands-on Sawant’s shoulder seems way out of place. Regarding this, the Twitter user @yadsul wrote, “Anyone notices Daddy’s long hands going too faaar.” Further, the user rated it 1 out of 10, the user pokes fun at the creators of the ad for their hilarious error.

But the Twitter user mistakenly assumed Pooja Sawant as a model, as in reality, she is a well-known and amazing Marathi actor. Regarding this, she tweeted, “Is it because the model is not a film star and Big B didn’t want to pose with her.” 

Now, this tweet has gained a lot of attention from many people out there. This sparked many jokes online. People didn’t forget to correct her for her wrong assumption regarding the Marathi actor. While on the other hand, they couldn’t ignore the case of a faulty Photoshop. While some wondered if it was a scheduling conflict or done remotely owing to the pandemic, some people said it was not expected from big brands. People also shared that they cannot unsee the error anymore. This Photoshopped ad surely got a big no from everyone. It soon resulted in some hilarious reactions as well.

One Twitter user wrote, “I guess the ad is for the Maharashtra audience… The lady in the photograph is Marathi movie actress Pooja Sawant… She has done ads for Kalyan Jewellers…

But the photo is badly edited.” While the other one wrote, “Yes, “The Hand” seems to be Photoshopped, but the statement that the ‘Model’ is not a Film Star is totally baseless! She is a very well-known Film Star of Marathi Films and an ace Dancer; her name is Pooja Sawant, who has acted in Hindi Film ‘Junglee’ (2019) with Vidyut Jamwal.” 

And many users joked, “It’s more like a meme than an ad”, “Ye to kanoon ke haath se bhi jyada lambe hain”, “Photoshoper had one job!”, and many more hilarious reactions by the people. 

Yet one wrote, “More like Kalyan jewelers were smart and shot a bunch of photographs in different poses so they don’t have to shell out the huge fees it takes to book Big B for one day’s shoot.” A similar comment was made by another one, “Most brands book celebrities’ time and shoot a bank of images. These can be later used in different situations. Probably explains the visual. But Photoshop is terrible.”

Well, this hilarious post has made everyone laugh out loud and now people can’t unsee it anymore.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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