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Amul gets inspired by the latest famous Telugu film of SS Rajamouli- RRR

One of the hottest topics of the town right now is the latest film, RRR. Well, fans are all going crazy about it as after a long time, the film was released. SS Rajamouli is back with another blockbuster movie, and it has created a buzz on the Internet. Talking about it has one of the most highly anticipated movies, and the social media platform is filled with its posters. It seems like a mole also wanted to join that and has now featured in the latest topical. 

The Telugu film is very much famous as it has Ram Charan and Jr NTR in its lead roles. Well, also does the fact that the movie has received a considerable amount of positive feedback from many of the fans. Since the very first day, it has had overwhelming responses from people. Also, the epic mythological drama serves as a great bromance between the two heroes, and talking about it has captured so much buzz as a multi-starter film.

Amul’s latest post:

So the diary brand also seems to have loved it, and it features the latest topical. You can see both of them dancing together in the newest cartoon. It also shows both stars doing the hooks up of the famous song of the movie Nacho Nacho. Music is also renowned as the ‘Naatu Naatu’ song in Telugu. Also, both of the heroes in the cartoon or having a buttered toast to India’s hands. The famous brand of Amul also showed its love for wordplay. Well, the message in the cartoon States, “TeRRRific Butter,” along with “Amul — freedom from hunger.” 

The movie revolves around the freedom fighters’ story, so this cartoon is highly relatable with that. Many of the fans across the country have shown their love towards the movie, and Amul has come up with a cartoon positively related to it. It also makes many fans very excited and loves this post by Amul. Also, many are sharing this cartoon at a very high range showing their love and liking to the latest post by them reacting to the comic by Amul. The film’s official Twitter handle seems to have fun looking at it. They also express their gratitude while sharing the comic on their page again. They wrote: “The #RRRMovie euphoria cannot get better than this! ” 

The famous movie:

Many people loved this gesture by Amul, and everyone was talking about it. Well talking about the movie, it also has many Bollywood stars, making the headlines more amazing. You will also see Alia Bhatt and Ajay Devgn playing roles in the British era. The two fictional Indian revolutionaries also ask to fight for freedom for their country. The movie has got quite a lot of critics and also has a lot of people loving it and shining positive reviews about it. 

Everybody is talking about the extraordinary work by the filmmakers regarding the movie and the stars who acted very well in the film. While talking about the movie, movie critic Shubhra Gupta wrote, “The film casts not just one super-star, but two of them – Jr NTR and Ram Charan. The biggest super-star among them all is SS Rajamouli and the audience also saved the loudest’ taalis’ for him.” We also know that the fan following for Telugu movies has been increasing over the years now. 

Many people are getting attracted to what’s the industry and the fantastic stories of the movies that are making them so much famous. It seems like the fame of movies is increasing as the Bollywood actors also now become a part of the Telugu industry.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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