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An iguana bites a woman who was just doing yoga on a beach!

On a nice sunny day, anyone would want to spend their quality time on a beach doing some exercises or yoga. Well, yoga on a beach may be a perfect plan but sometimes things do not go as per our plan. That’s exactly what happened to this yoga instructor who got bitten by an iguana when she was doing yoga on the beach. She strikes on her back and that’s why the iguana attacked her. The video that she shared on her official social media account was just a 15-second clip and it shows the woman attending a yoga position with her arms stretched and a finger dangling overhead. 

Well at that time an iguana bit her and she got hurt on her hand. Well on her official Twitter account and as per have to turbine she is a meditation teacher and also a mental health professional. User @bahamahoopyogi is the one who shared the video and along with the video she also tweeted “I got bitten by an iguana today. It was bleeding.” At the end of the video when the woman gets shocked by the sudden attack of the iguana and thus she was saying hurling abuses. Well, also she tries to show it away so that it doesn’t attack her again by throwing beach sand on the reptile. 

In another video which was by her friend, we can see that the user is surrounded by many iguanas on the beach. She did nurse her bleeding finger between them and the user wrote in another tweet “Everyone keeps asking if I didn’t see if. To be clear there were iguanas all over the beach. People go to feed them all the time.” Well once this video was online available it did not take much time to get millions of views. However, many social media users who saw the video clip inquired regarding the woman’s hand and health, and many have experienced this incident. Some also commented that the iguana was probably hungry and mistook her finger for food and that’s why it went to bite her. Well to make a note, iguanas are not harmful and they avoid human contact mostly. 

These reptiles have sharp teeth which can just help them to rip plants. However, they can deliver painful bites to people and pets sometimes. If an iguana bites someone then that affected area should be washed thoroughly and also it should not be ignored as the bacteria for salmonella can be present in the mouth and feces. However, these reptiles are not very harmful that you have to stay away from as such. Talking about the video clip is going viral and is getting more views every single second and the comment section is also filled with comments which keep increasing.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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